Healing Process

February 26, 2015

There is a healing process
For those aware of the wound
Who name the lie adopted
This deep soul cancer

When a person is ready
Desperate for the healing
Then choose to fight for your life
And Renounce the lie
Revoke the insidious
Darkness with the light of life

The Secret hidden
To be discovered by all
Who are seeking truth
You are the “Beloved of God”
Healed and made whole by this love*

Replace the lie that’s hidden
Believe in the love that’s given
With all your heart, soul and mind
This mysterious joy

This revelation of love
Made clear in your own story
Remembering the times
You arose above the pain
Finding greatness in your soul

I choose to respond
Feed the Master Truth of Love
Daily focus on this light
Move with intention
Toward this pinhole of light
This inexpressible joy
I know this process is true
I live it each day of life
Like a mirror I reflect
Unspeakable love
At the heart is forgiveness
For myself and enemies
For my parents and dear friends
Who’re only human
Yes, it is a choice
Feelings will not dominate
My heart is open
I’ll choose to respond daily
I’ll receive love and give it
The death of these lies
Is a painful decision
The lies are so familiar
Only His love compels me
To trust love larger than me – (love demonstrated)
This is a process of deliverance from myself. When man is at the center destruction follows. This does not need to be proven. Look at past history; look at the present; you can know the past will dictate the future unless man discovers the greatness of real love.
That love must begin by training to love you so you will then know how to love others. Light the fire in your own soul by turning from the lies handed down to us from generations. When feelings dominate, death follows. When truth dominates freedom follows. Choose love and forgiveness and Joy follows.