Healing Process

February 26, 2015

There is a healing process
For those aware of the wound
Who name the lie adopted
This deep soul cancer

When a person is ready
Desperate for the healing
Then choose to fight for your life
And Renounce the lie
Revoke the insidious
Darkness with the light of life

The Secret hidden
To be discovered by all
Who are seeking truth
You are the “Beloved of God”
Healed and made whole by this love*

Replace the lie that’s hidden
Believe in the love that’s given
With all your heart, soul and mind
This mysterious joy

This revelation of love
Made clear in your own story
Remembering the times
You arose above the pain
Finding greatness in your soul

I choose to respond
Feed the Master Truth of Love
Daily focus on this light
Move with intention
Toward this pinhole of light
This inexpressible joy
I know this process is true
I live it each day of life
Like a mirror I reflect
Unspeakable love
At the heart is forgiveness
For myself and enemies
For my parents and dear friends
Who’re only human
Yes, it is a choice
Feelings will not dominate
My heart is open
I’ll choose to respond daily
I’ll receive love and give it
The death of these lies
Is a painful decision
The lies are so familiar
Only His love compels me
To trust love larger than me – (love demonstrated)
This is a process of deliverance from myself. When man is at the center destruction follows. This does not need to be proven. Look at past history; look at the present; you can know the past will dictate the future unless man discovers the greatness of real love.
That love must begin by training to love you so you will then know how to love others. Light the fire in your own soul by turning from the lies handed down to us from generations. When feelings dominate, death follows. When truth dominates freedom follows. Choose love and forgiveness and Joy follows.

I Believe

January 21, 2015


“I believe in
like I believe
not because
I can see it,
but by it
I can see
     C. S. Lewis


Understanding leads to life
Knowledge will help get you there
Seeking with all of your heart
Will let the light come
Proverbs 21:16


I know what to seek
It is righteousness and love
It leads to prosperity
With life and honor
Relationships will flourish
Real friendships are developed
Proverbs 21:21


The word righteousness is not self-righteousness but it is the commitment to the best interest of the other person and justice for all.The book of Proverbs has fathered me giving counsel and insight into love, money, sex and power.


Victory will come
Accessing a private time
Wisdom will be discovered
In stillness I come
Waiting with expectation
For the healing light of love
Proverbs 21:31


Relief or Healing

January 16, 2015


Where are you God in my pain
I can’t hear you or see you
My grief and fear are mixed
I’m broken inside


Who will come and help
I cry in desperation
Can you hear me, God
The silence is deafening
In unbelief and belief


You said for me to “Be Still”
And know that you are God
My anxiety blinds me
My fear imprisons


I need you to come
Keep your promises you gave
I am overwhelmed
There is no one to comfort
My body and soul feel dead


I need a resurrection
You understand all my grief
You meet me with compassion
I will wait for you


You always come at right times
My soul is refined by fire
False thinking I’ve depended on
No longer secures


I stand waiting for relief
Your comfort is far away
That is the way I’m feeling
I find no relief


“I have come to heal
To bring hope to the hopeless
Freedom for the prisoners
Give sight to the blind
Bring good news to the poorest
Give all the captives freedom”


Healing instead of relief
Is the promise He’s given
With mixed feelings do we hear
Choose who we will trust


Reading Psalm 16 and 46 reveal a narrow path of hope. We all find ourselves at some time in the spot these reflections communicate. When I decided that I did not want relief but I wanted healing above all, a pinhole of light entered my world. I chose to move toward that light with trust and hope to make it through the storm I was in at the time. We all think no one understands. That is a lie. There is One who does and comes to bring that healing that only He can give. I choose to “Be still” trusting His words today. 

Worthless Idols

December 31, 2014

The worthless idols
I can name them in my life
Easily deceive
They led me down to the pit
My soul was trapped by these lies
Beliefs handed down to me
From generations
It is good to name
The beliefs that will destroy
Turn from them as enemies
Their toxic darkness
Holds a person in prison
Until the light of love comes
Moving to the light
Across the bridge of seeking
With an honest heart
Things that are true and noble
What is excellent and good
The barriers rise
Awareness of the sickness
Awakened me to the problem
My soul was wounded
And needed the healing touch
Of the Master Physician
Wound – Abandonment
The lie is I must fix it
In me and in the others
I sat with no hope
I turn away from idols
“Be good,” “Perform” and “Be Strong”
Repent of the lies
Revoke them as enemies
Replace them with real truth
Truth that heals the soul
I’m a beloved son of God
Practicing living in the joy
I have found a spacious place
In the morning when I rise
A friend to always greet me
Welcome me to hope
These are reflections after meditating on Psalm 31. There is power in naming the enemies and becoming aware of the enemies that lie in the unconscious. With knowledge, stillness and reflecting on things true allows the Spirit to dismantle the powerful unconscious feelings that tell us we are not good enough. Name them, turn from them, revoke them and replace them with the truth “I AM BELOVED” each day. Joy comes in the day as we practice believing what is really true about us. This will lead us into a “spacious” place in our souls. All the best for a wonderful 2015.. Your Story Matters http://www.yourstorymatters2him.com

Friends in Flight

July 4, 2013


We are friends in flight

We’ll follow the lead pilot

Our gaze riveted


Our mission is clear

Being empowered by love

Filled with compassion

Flying in tight formation

We enter with confidence


With the speed of light

We penetrate the darkness

With hope and real joy

In the midst of suffering

We break the pain barrier


Our Lead models how

He shows us how to be real

This kingdom treasure

Has awakened me to joy

I choose to sell all to find


Courage needed now

In radical discipline

Encouraged by this love

To move with real faith

Beside wisdom in the darkness

Showing trust in his Presence


Freedom for the prisoners

Sight for those who are blinded

Good news for those who are poor

Release the oppressed


He will lead us in

To accomplish His mission

Light penetrating darkness

Healing the soul inside out

Available to all who come


This writing is dedicated to Larry Malone, retired Navy Captain who flew a A-6 Intruder off the USS Enterprise during the Viet Nam War.  Larry models for me the healing process of a deep soul wound.  He along with many gave himself to war for our country.  He came out with a deep soul wound as result of the “death transactions” he was called to participate in as a young man.  They equipped him to fight but he was not equipped to deal with the internal wound that he came out with.  His story tells the healing process through the years.  


He is now a “friend in flight.” We fly as wingmen to the Jesus our lead pilot.  On this day when people of this nation celebrate the freedom, I honor Larry and so many who gave their lives courageously.  Larry returned to fight a different war, a war of the soul.  He now is fighting for the young men and women who experienced this deep “soul wound” he understands.  


Thank you, Larry, my friend in flight.


My friend Genma also highlighted Larry on her blog and radio show:


Miracle Presence

November 14, 2012


I will listen to one voice
The one that can be trusted
He has been tested and tried
He heals all my wounds


This daily practice
Of choosing not to worry
Just because he said
“Don’t worry about your life”
“What does worry add to you?”

I have found a key
For healing and freeing men
Helping people move forward
Through obstacles
Understanding your own story
The richness of your own life


If you look within
The wounded places stand out
You survived the pain
Do you know the reason why
And where to find the healing


He knows your story
Understands right where you are
And offers healing
Who is this one who is present
Who makes a promise of life


Know his story well
Listen only to his voice
What he says is relevant
Connected and true
I know how much he loves me


I’ll be strong and courageous
I will not give in to lies
I’ll be kind and merciful
And love without end


Because Jesus loves
I’ll love you with the same love
Forgiveness at the center
Miracle Presence
I believe with all my heart
His resurrection power


Energy given
When I decide to believe
And act in obedience
Against my feelings
Then his healing touch will come
I drink the living water


“Faith needs to meet people where they live otherwise it is irrelevant.”  Glenn Hinson


For fifty-one years, I have asked the real hard questions about human relationships.  No one has made more sense to me about life than Jesus of Nazareth.  His teachings and the way he treated a person were contrary to the religion of his day.  They killed him for it.  They are contrary to the religion of my day.  What mattered to him was the person.  It will take your best mind to look carefully at your own story, and his story to make the connection.  The distractions of your own pain, and the distractions of others vying for your time and energy are formidable obstacles.  When Jesus said, “I came to give life and give it abundantly” I said he is either a liar, crazy or telling the truth.  I was in such a desperate state I was compelled to search out the facts of his story.  I wanted to know how he put his pants on, who he ran around with, what was important to him, because he gave a promise that was outlandish, but one I so desperately wanted to be true. 


Reflections this morning are from Jesus Calling , by Sarah Young as well as Luke 12:22-26, II Corinthians 10:5, Deuteronomy 31:6, John 4.


Living with the Unseen

September 20, 2012

The unseen darkness will lie
The unseen light will give life
I choose what I will look at
I’ll listen to Him
His words bring me life
I meditate and draw near
My gift is that I can choose
God’s Spirit follows
When I practice believing
His words above all others
I see the unseen
Looking back I’ve come to see
All things pass away
My memories I can see
They are the things that are real
When I trust in God
I cannot be defeated
Death itself cannot destroy
All the fear is gone
I live with a living hope
An inexpressible joy
Some memories give me life
Some memories bring me death
Years of trusting God each day
Brings healing and hope
This is a practice 
Focusing on what is true
Jesus comes to teach
Personal and intimate friend
He’s always glad to see me
I bow in reverence
I look at me through His eyes
I accept His love
Proverbs 20:24, II Corinthians 4:17, 18,
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

We are not alone

January 20, 2012

You can watch Jesus’ movements in the recording of His behavior in the fourth and fifth chapters of Mark.  This poem is written from the perspective of Jairus a synagogue ruler. 

We felt all alone

Our daughter was dying

Helpless and despairing

I went looking for Christ

Believing Jesus could heal


I felt hope when Jesus said

“I will go with you and help.”

The crowds pressed as we traveled

Suddenly he stopped

He looked all around

We were running out of time

He healed a woman

The words came like a dagger

“Your daughter is dead.”

He turned and looked straight at me

“Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

When we reached our home, I saw

Weeping and wailing

Jesus said, “She is sleeping.

She is not dead.”  They all laughed

He made everyone leave

Except us, the parents

Three of his disciples stayed

Peter, James, and John watched him

Jesus touched her and spoke this

“Little girl, get up!”

She opened her eyes

Arose and began to walk

Marvelous astonishment

“Don’t tell anyone.”

He told us to give her food

Because he knew she was hungry

Who is this that calms the storms

Who cast out wicked demons

Who heals all the diseases

And raises the dead

The twelve year old girl was raised from the dead.  You will be raised from death.  I will be raised from death. Jesus spoke to life and death.  Your love ones will be raised.  No one else I know speaks to real life issues like Jesus. 

He rules nature

He rules the demons

He heals all our diseases

He rules over death

You are not alone.  God sees you.  He hears you.  He listens to your cry.  Nothing is greater than God demonstrating his love by giving his only Son to live in you.  You are his joy.  My job is to hear him; receive his love; meditate on His teaching and act on the things he teaches me.  In doing this I have discovered inexpressible joy.

© Terry S. Smith
January 2, 2012

Just as He hears You

January 14, 2012

A woman who had spent all of her money on doctors, after being ill for twelve years, touches Jesus cloak.  A miracle happened as she cried out and reach out to Jesus.  The same happens today.  He hears us and always responds. God hears the human cries.  Click here to read the story.

A large crowd came to see him

He stood there on the sea shore

Jairus fell at his feet

“My daughter is dying”

“Will you come and heal?

She is only twelve years old”

He begged Jesus to come

“If you will put your hands on her

I know she will not die”

He left with the crowd

Traveling toward Jairus’ House

In the crowd was a woman

An outcast by law

Bleeding for twelve years

Unclean by purity laws

She suffered greatly

All of her money was gone

She touched the hem of his cloak

She touched his cloak and was healed

She could feel that she was clean

Whole from touching his garment

He could feel her touch

Jesus felt the power leave

His response was, “Who touched me?”

Everyone was silent

All were touching him

Then the silence was broken

This woman came forth and spoke

His gaze fell on the woman

She dropped to her knees

Shaking, fearful and amazed

“I am the one who touched you”

He listened to her story

He heard why she came

“Because you believe, you’re healed”

Go in peace now and stay well

He heard the cry of her heart

Just as he hears yours 

© Terry S. Smith
January 1, 2012
Dedicated to my Sara

Entrance to my soul

November 27, 2010

Where can I find light
Your words become the doorway
Entrance to my soul
It gives me the understanding
Of how to live in your love
There is power in seeing
There is joy in the knowing
There is freedom in serving
The One who loves you
His promises will restore
Meditate on them daily
One is: “I’ll never leave you”
Friendship forever
Fresh thoughts come pouring
As I practice listening
And I am still with just one thing
Hungry to know Him
When afflictions come
I draw near seeking healing
The pain was worth it
I found my God was waiting
To restore and heal my soul
© Terry S. Smith
November 26, 2010
Reflections written after meditating on Psalm 119.
You’re a work of art
This one thing I know is true
If you breathe and are alive
If you think and plan
My heart has soared with great joy
My mind is captured by love 
I experience wonder
An unspoken joy
Growing up is a process
I will never stop learning
Open to listen with care
To those who ring true
I cannot fix anything
But one thing I have learned
Provide a place of safety
And show up with love

I will listen with great care
The same care I was given
Believing in the person
Pointing to the love  (way)

A human being
Is marvelous and unique
There’s no one like you

I invite you to accept
The wonder of your own life
You must fight the lies

I have found the tools
A framework to capture
The most basic truths of life

The first one is essential
It’s the foundation you see
It’s basic understanding
You’re a work of art
written June 8, 2009

Be Bold

June 7, 2009

My tongue has Power
Power to hurt or to heal
I will make that choice
A gentle answer
Will cause the harsh words to cease
Anger can be stilled
What do I pursue
My decision is final
What matters is you
Relationships soar
When I want what’s best for you
You want what is best for me
Happy hearts bring cheer
Downcast hearts hurt those around
Help us be aware
Words spoken with care
Make safety for those who hear
Love is discovered
Timely words give hope
A healing tongue refreshes
The soul leaps for joy
Be Bold with your love
Be Bold in giving your patience
Give compassion reign
written August 15, 2008
What I treasure the most is
A relationship of love
The kind a mother has for
A child of her womb
Sometimes mothers are broken
They can’t give their deepest love
They had children much too soon
My mother was one
My parents did not know how
To withstand their failing love
Their children suffered great loss
Everyone has a story
Each person needs to be heard
What matters is love
The message is forgiveness
The work we have is: believe
We are breaking from within
Love gently pursues
I look for answers
To comfort my internal
Brokenness and pain
The trouble in my journey
Did not start with my choices
My parents handed my theirs
Now I make my choice
I have four children
Who know what my choice has been
One thing they know for sure
Is that I love them
That will never be changed
They have memories that help
I’ve found a deep joy
That is larger than I am
Love’s healing power changed me
Love I wish for all
At one time I hoped for it
Now I celebrate and thank
It is a hidden love
That wants to be found by all
Love searching for you
written October 7, 2008


May 25, 2009

What do you do when 
Trust is broken among us
I have found a way
Healing of a good friendship
Will take time and your best thought
We are all in a hurry
Slow down and be wise
The breaking of promises
Is one of the first killers
It is like breaking a leg
You no longer run
How do you choose your close friends
That has been my big question
I know who the first friend is
I will befriend me
I found a criteria
That works for me over time
My greatest gift is the friends
Who have come to me
Yes, I have learned a secret
An experience of life 
One I am happy to share
With those listening
My first friend is me
This is hardest of all
For I have failed me
Yes, forgiving me
Then forgiving the others
Which of these comes first
You decide which one is first
But I must begin with me
The other has broken trust
I have no control
I concentrate on healing
Relief is not the answer
I seek good counsel
Anger can blind you
Of appropriate options
Your fears will paralyze you
Hide the healing touch
Please consider being still 
And find a very safe place (And find the wisdom of love)
There’s nothing wrong with anger
It represents the deep hurt
Get it out in a safe place
Then look at options
Although the path is simple
A profound truth you must see
You must understand one thing
Your personal worth
So search out your friends
Be honest and transparent
Forgive yourself and others
I begin with that
Accept that you are human
And those around your are, too
My mother failed me
She was nineteen when I came
I had an older brother
Father, twenty-one
Listen to your story well
You will find important clues
My sister was born
Before mom was twenty-one
Mom’s life was broken
Everyone has a story
There are secrets in each one
Some are good and some are bad
I found the good ones
The bad ones are real
Secrets that need to be told
It gave me understanding
Seen without judgment
I will lead with compassion
For myself and the others
To make space everyday
To be aware of my world
To be kind and respectful
And choose what makes sense
I found friends who live in joy
Yes, they have been hard to find
When I decided to search
I found friends looking
My teachers are good
I have chosen them with care
They lead with their life
I have asked them my questions
And they have given respect
Life is a process
A tree starts as an acorn
Planted in good soil
Watered well and good sunshine
Then a mighty oak is grown
The same is true for persons
With plenty of time and love
A heart searching for the truth
Honesty guiding (With authentic talk)
The best person in my life
I have known for forty-six years
I’ve failed her more than others
Her love is secure
She is one of those dear friends
Who’ll never leave or forsake
One I have always trusted
Who has room to fail
In early morning light dawns
Help me be gracious and kind
Compassionate and giving
To all that I meet
written May 23, 2009