gift of love

June 19, 2009


The greatest gift I have received
Is a gift given to all
A relationship of love
That will never leave
This gift cannot be taken
A love deeply rooted here
Is undeniable life
Living water refreshes
Words make entrance to my soul
A love beyond words
Love always receives
No matter what the offense
That’s the miracle
If you’ve not received this love
You are not able to give
Examine yourself today
Receive love’s great gift
It’s a love that I tasted
The world around me stands still
It’s a love experienced 
By all the senses
Love must be defined
Where do we go for that one
You must make that choice
Unfailing love gives me hope
An unshakeable kingdom
Love demonstrated on earth
Much larger than death
So wait and be filled 
Love comes to those who seek it
That love is enough
written Winter 2009