Five Decisions for Life

February 22, 2015


I need the tools
The ones that open the mind
To inexpressible joy
There’s a way to find peace
That passes understanding


Five decisions must be made
First a decision to live
Then don’t make friends with your pain
Are two essentials


Now you are ready
Take Responsibility
Stop blaming others and self
This is the big one
There’s no growth till this happens
Life begins with your beliefs


The past is a gift
You know what you don’t want
Or you know what you do want
Get a clear vision
Of who you are and what you want
Then you will know the questions


This is the big one
Decide you are worth fighting for
Yes, you are worth it
Your value is in being
You must learn to love yourself


So there are five gifts you must give yourself
1) Decide to Live
2) Decide to Not Make Friends with Your Pain
3) Decide to Take Responsibility
4) Decide to Get a Clear Vision
5) Decide You Are Worth Fighting For


All the best on your journey.


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The Gentle Way of Love

February 18, 2015


Light in the darkness
Peace in the midst of the storm
Joy larger than circumstance
Hope impossible
For those who believe in love
Death will have no hold on us


Love demonstrated
A life well lived speaks loudest
I have decided
Today I will choose to trust
My heart, soul and mind in HIm


I will name the enemy
The lie handed down to me
The empty dark way
My mother and father lived
And lost what really mattered


You are who they lost
Without love at the center
Everything breaks down
Religion; psycho-babble
Are built on the empty way


Love’s the foundation
Peace is the gift that’s given
Work of the Spirit
Modeled in one man who loved
Courageous, gentle and kind


You’re loved by God
The master truth of God comes
To those seeking truth
Who have the courage to stand
Who believe they are worth it


After winter spring will come
After death you will be raised
One came to overcome death
And give life to all


Darkness called me to seek light
Pain called me to seek healing
Through failure came forgiveness
Love came through a man


David, King of Israel stated: “Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.” Psalm 108:12
“Delta Blues From Darkness to LIght” is available at Amazon/Kindle for $0.99 cents.

Music In My Soul

January 20, 2015


There is music in my soul
I’ve trained to practice basics
My body is the instrument
My soul holds the strings


When the strings get tight
And stress gets unbearable
A surprising sound
When I surrender my soul
Music flows that brings comfort


I draw near to God
A daily practice I’ve found
When I feel good or feel bad
He always comes near
That is the promise he made
One I choose to trust today


The winds on the sea
Can toss the soul all about
The storm and the rain bring grief
I learned this one thing
When I’ve set my sail to seek
The storms have become a gift


This mystery comes
To all and not just a few
Who choose to seek love
To be defined by what’s true
To align the soul with joy


Freedom is the fruit
Peace passes understanding
My mind and heart are captured
Knowledge will illuminate
Hope is born in the darkness


I interviewed a young musician years ago and asked him how he played the instrument so well. He said, “My coach is a concert violinist. Every day she pulls out her instrument and practices the basics until she gets the sound out of the instrument she wants. I do the same.” My instrument is my body. My soul holds the strings. I found the coach of life eager to train me to be loved and love. Psalm 20 holds promises I have found to be true. The music in the Psalms is what I train to practice. All the best!


January 18, 2015


An Invitation
A way to live that makes sense
Thoughts to consider


A way to live that brings peace
A way to live that brings hope
A way to live that brings joy
The freedom to love


That’s what I looked for
As a child what I longed for
As a man I came searching
Found the great surprise
My God was looking for me
Gives inexpressible love


Yes, it’s experiential
The door way is on the bottom
In the brokenness He comes
Seeking to comfort
In my personal despair
He gives the greatest blessing


Comfort in the loss
Forgiveness in betrayal
Compassion and love
For me and for the others
The massive failure we feel


Those who betrayed me
And for the ones I betrayed
Love given to each of us
With gentleness and mercy


Knowledge is what I needed
Hidden information came
Brought certainty to this love
My mind was captured


I chose to believe
My heart leaped with the wonder
Incomprehensible love
Was revealed through one
Who chose to be one of us
And offer “abundant life”


This love is hidden
Ages and generations
Have discovered this
God is closer than your blood
He is the air that you breathe


God’s my friend, indeed
I come each morning seeking
To stay close to him
Find healing in His counsel
He reminds me who I am


Chosen and Beloved
Favored and given his peace
Empowered by His Spirit
To see and bring hope
To proclaim with compassion
His personal love for all


It’s time to come out
Reveal everlasting love
God loves you personally
Not talk but action
Each day you can meet with Him
Receive His love and give it


These words are not an invitation “to church” or “religion.” These are words born out of a quest I began fifty-four years ago. God is real! God is present! And He loves you! In silence I began this quest seeking to know if this love was real. I found these words “abundant life.” I found these words not only true but beyond my imagination. God is my friend. God is your friend! We can meet with Him daily and interact on the deepest soul level. I always honor my questions. He has always kept His promises.


Psalm 18 gives language to this love.


Good Conversation

January 13, 2015


Good conversation
Is available to all
Who will receive love


One person I will talk to
Is the one who initiates
Who reaches out with kindness
In the little things


This person I discovered
Is willing to listen well
And is full of surprises
Begins in silence


It’s hard to be still
The noise of the “to do” list
Imprisons my soul
And stops me from seeing me
And the one who loves me so


I get sick of me
I’m the root of the problem
The one who loves me says “Stop!”
“Be still and listen”
The God who made you loves you
His only Son gave His life


I decided to trust Him
Take His word rather than mine
Enter this love covenant
Respond to His gift


He gave me His Spirit of Peace
The forgiveness I longed for
Conversation I needed
Based on a promise


This resurrection promise
Has the power to change things
And restore my wounded soul
He knocks at the door


It’s a daily thing
I practice with discipline
A choice I can make


“Behold, I stand at the door”
Is the voice I’ll listen to
I will enter His Presence
And rest in His Love


True words are powerful. They set a person free to be fully alive inside. I train to live from the inside out as a way of life. God, Creator of the Universe made us in His image. He made it clear by the love demonstrated through His Son that we are His priority. Every person counts with God. He always listens and responds uniquely to each person who calls out in response to His Love. I believe with all my heart that you are favored and Beloved. I could be right!

You Are His Delight

January 7, 2015


God searches the minds and hearts
Brings an end to violence
He makes the righteous secure
With forgiving love


Trust in the Lord and do good
Delight yourself in the Lord
The desires of your heart come
As surely as breath


Commit your way to the Lord
Trust in him and he will do this
His life will shine like the dawn
Break forth in your soul


Be still before God
Wait patiently for guidance
Stop all the fretting
It leads only to evil
History tells us this truth


Anger will kill you
The toxic part can destroy
Learn to channel it
By loving your enemy
The first place to start is you


The meek inherit the land
Flourish in relationship
Look to the best interest
Of those closest to you


The result will be peace
That passes understanding
So it is time to grow up
Be responsible
Stop blaming self and others
You hold the key to find life


God will hold you up
I know this is true for sure
I have tasted this
By practicing His Presence
Walking in the light of love


God delights in you
When you believe, wisdom comes
There is a future for you
His kindness and peace
Comes when you trust His love
Surrender all of the lies


These reflections from Psalm 37 come from choosing how I will process this life. There are many views of life one can take. I chose to trust the God David spoke of in the Psalms. As a result I discovered an unshakable life filled with hope in the midst of the worst possible circumstances. Psalms has been like a mother to me over the last fifty years. The promises in this book I have found to be true, practical and life giving beyond words.


My journey is told in the book “Delta Blues From Darkness to Light.”

Christmas Conversation

December 22, 2014

I rise to see you

To come into your presence

Through faith I see love


I am not a fool

The one who made the eye can see

The one who made the ear can hear

The beauty of life

The masterful creation

Speaks to the honest human


Honest questions discovered

As one experiences life

Leads to a surprising joy

Of human greatness


Taste and see the Lord is good

He will not “should” on your life

You’re responsible to seek

Search out what is true


Most people react

Don’t look at the obvious

Look past the problem

Understand yourself and God

I discovered real friendship


When you’re seventy

It is time to speak and say

Truth I have learned to live by

Brokenness and peace

The freedom of forgiveness

Joy that surpasses knowledge


This painful process

I have sought to know what is true

Many failures and loses

Have taught me to listen well

In suffering I find found peace


I have hurt many

I have been failed by many

There is one who has not failed

His love forgives me

And I forgive the others

Who I hope can forgive me


My failures and yours

Will not stop me from loving

For I can give what’s given

Love the unlovely

That is in me and in you

It’s the work of God’s Spirit


So when Christmas comes

It’s time to begin again

Remembering the Advent

Love Demonstrated

One human who made it clear

How to bring peace on this earth


Reflections inspired by Psalm 20 and 50. May God’s peace be in you that sits above the circumstances. May the joy of Christ’s Presence fill you today.

Dedicated to Steve Brumfield 

With Great Joy I Move

October 13, 2012

With great joy I move
Not because where I go
But who is with me
On level ground I will stand
To the mountains I will go
To the valley I am sent
But never alone
I’ll not live in fear
Though evil is all around
I am confident
One thing I will seek
With my eyes fixed on beauty
A relationship of love
When the trouble comes
He keeps me safe with his peace
A song in my heart
I have seen the face of God
In the servant lives
Of those who have surrendered
Moses, David, and Peter
My confidence is in this
Each of these lives were broken
The light came through their failure
A love beyond words
God has been faithful
For generations it’s love
And, also, today
Looking back I can see it
Looking forward I claim it
Based on reflections from my own life, 
Psalms 26-30; Proverbs 6; and
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Divine Perspective

September 19, 2012

Living close to you

Is the Divine perspective

When I awake your my joy

I’ve learned the story

I have listened carefully

Above all the noise and lies


Joy calls me to you

I will obey your commands

They are my delight


Seeing you is life

The tragedies and the storms

The injustice and the lies

That are all around

The death that is untimely

Could destroy us but they don’t


I’m knocked down but not destroyed

Broken but I found healing

A sinner but forgiven

Desperate with hope


Who will have the final word

In quiet I’m listening

My feelings will lie to me

When stressed I am blind


One voice calms my soul

In stillness I will focus

He comes to me in nature 

And a life of love


Who will I believe

Who speaks to what’s happening

The internal war

My soul will ask the questions

Who can speak to these issues


You will find the peace

This world will not give to you

What only God can


“Do not be afraid”

He said to them in their grief

“My peace I give to you.”


Rest is the true word

It’s available to all

Quietness and trust

Is the most difficult work

It’s the battle worth fighting


These are not just words.  They reveal a path marked for generations to honest searching people.  It is the gentle and strong call to come to life and freedom.  He invites us to come and seek.  You will find!

John 14:27, Isaiah 30:15, 2 Corinthians 10:4, and “Jesus Calling” 9-12-12


The Mysterious

September 3, 2012

There is something inside me
That causes me to seek You
You placed that hunger in me
A longing I trust

It’s mysterious
Your invisible presence
I cannot prove it
But it’s undeniable
Head, heart and gut engaged

Each person is seen
No person is missed by You
This I am certain
Every cry is heard by You
The story I know tells me

I know I’m getting weaker
Physically I can feel it
Emotionally the losses
Drive me to my knees

I want to be strong
I have found a way to see
To not live in denial
Of my weaknesses
I discovered the secret
God’s power works in weakness

Our relationship will stand
When all of the others fail
Tested for generations
God’s passion to love

Insecurity hidden
Loneliness behind the mask
Fear paralyzes people
Who can provide peace

Only one gives true peace
It is available to all
Take time, listen well
His life speaks, his words follow
He prays now in heaven for you
He always lives to intercede for them.
Hebrews 7:25

A Love Without End

February 18, 2012

A love without end
A deep abiding friendship
With the one who gives life
A daily rhythm given
To the dance of joy
Just because you don’t feel it
Doesn’t make it not true
Don’t let unfamiliarity rob you
Of knowing Jesus’ story
God hates hypocritical religion
With all its self-righteousness
Bringing judgement on others
Jesus came to love
He said, “I came to give life
And give it abundantly.”
I decided to test it
Fifty years ago
Love in action speaks
Much louder than empty words
I focus on his actions
Love demonstrated
Taking time for quiet stillness
Today as I contemplate
A deep rhythm of the soul
Helps me live in peace
One moment in time
He gave it all to set us free
A love without end
Terry S. Smith
February 14, 2012

Just as He hears You

January 14, 2012

A woman who had spent all of her money on doctors, after being ill for twelve years, touches Jesus cloak.  A miracle happened as she cried out and reach out to Jesus.  The same happens today.  He hears us and always responds. God hears the human cries.  Click here to read the story.

A large crowd came to see him

He stood there on the sea shore

Jairus fell at his feet

“My daughter is dying”

“Will you come and heal?

She is only twelve years old”

He begged Jesus to come

“If you will put your hands on her

I know she will not die”

He left with the crowd

Traveling toward Jairus’ House

In the crowd was a woman

An outcast by law

Bleeding for twelve years

Unclean by purity laws

She suffered greatly

All of her money was gone

She touched the hem of his cloak

She touched his cloak and was healed

She could feel that she was clean

Whole from touching his garment

He could feel her touch

Jesus felt the power leave

His response was, “Who touched me?”

Everyone was silent

All were touching him

Then the silence was broken

This woman came forth and spoke

His gaze fell on the woman

She dropped to her knees

Shaking, fearful and amazed

“I am the one who touched you”

He listened to her story

He heard why she came

“Because you believe, you’re healed”

Go in peace now and stay well

He heard the cry of her heart

Just as he hears yours 

© Terry S. Smith
January 1, 2012
Dedicated to my Sara


January 10, 2011

I will not let fear rob me
Of the joy of God’s presence
Because He is faithful
He will not abandon me
Be still and listen
Go, spend time alone with God
He will come and teach
He meets you with compassion
Will give you the gift of faith
I cried in desperation
Looking for a place of peace
I found Him waiting
It’s a mystery
I proclaim with all my heart
A love that has endured
For all generations
The revelation of truth
He knows you by name
It is written on His hands
Just look at His son
He understands where you are
“Do not be afraid” – Believe
© Terry S. Smith
January 5, 2011
Morning reflections after practicing the mystery of His presence and meditating on Psalm 16. 

A Place of Peace

December 30, 2010


 My parents failed me
They did not know how to love
Their lives were broken 
Not able to trust people
They made decisions that hurt

I’m also flawed and broken
I’ve harmed others with actions
Unintentionally caused pain
Guilt imprisoned me
A love much higher found me
Forgave and renewed my soul

When I’m confronted
With the wrongs that I have done
I look through other’s eyes
I see my selfish ways
I could not bear to see it
If mercy was not with me

It became mine to search out
What was true and what was not
How to have relationships
With myself and others 

Two things I cherish
Wisdom and understanding
They are paths to peace
Patience is the fruit
For those who will learn to wait
From a place of peace
Seeing marvelous things
Learning the rhythm of time
I’ve learned to reverence life
I arise to meet the day
I found rest and contentment
Untouched by trouble
Then I gain knowledge
Of how to love another
To see the world through their eyes
Understand their world
To look with great compassion
Accept and forgive with love
© Terry S. Smith
December 25, 2010
Reflections written as I read through Proverbs 19 and John 15, (Jesus final words to his friends before he died).

I searched out a way to love.



Fountain of Life

October 24, 2010

The fountain of life
Is for those who choose to hear
The One who gives life
Accept his unfailing love
Drink deeply from his presence
Extravagant love
Demonstrated and given
Yours to accept
Remember the story
Practice what he modeled here
Daily he drew near to God
And loved the wounded
Those who came to him seeking
Receiving his gentle touch
It is in giving
That you receive his blessing
Trusting that he has given
All his love to you
You must practice perceiving
Hearing his voice in silence
Renewed in mind
Accept that you are chosen
Beloved and holy
Then be clothed with compassion
Kindness and humility
Forgive offenses
As you have been forgiven
And above all love
It holds all things together
Let God’s peace rule your heart now
© Terry S. Smith
October 14, 2010
Written after meditating on Colossians 3, John 15, and Proverbs 14.  I am also reading Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer.