July 5, 2009


This morning I shucked the corn

I stood amazed at each ear

It was all a perfect fit

How did that happen


We will have a good dinner

We will taste how good it is

The taste buds are amazing

How did that happen


The laughter at the table

Will come from the food and love

Family that cares and gives

How did that happen


The little children talking

Running all around the room

Feeling the safety and love

How did that happen


The secret is what matters

A love beyond our thinking

Comes from deep within our lives

How did that happen


We are here to celebrate

The life of one dearly loved

Who is special to us all

Her name is Missy


Missy was born on this day

Just thirty-nine years ago

It was on a Sunday morn

Love entered our life


There is wisdom in a child

Her eyes were large and deep blue

I knew that she was special

Delight to my eyes


My view was transformed

She quickly changed my life here

Giving us pure joy


His love made it happen


written July 5, 2009

for my daughter Missy