Never give up

May 23, 2009

There are living lies
They speak for generations
The soul’s deep darkness
My grandfather’s decisions
He died before I was born
Were handed to my mother
They impacted her life
His choices brought death
He set a path of darkness
Of emptiness guilt and shame
My mother followed
Can children break the cycle
The empty way handed them
I discovered the answer
Absolutely “Yes”
To not repeat the same way
Must be decided
Then the search begins
Our questions must be honored
And never give up
I have learned to live daily
Respecting self and others
Considering the unseen
Life larger than me
Processing my life
Searching for what makes good sense
Looking for love is in me
Thirsty needing drink
I found that love seeking me
I was surprised by the joy
I’m talking forty-four years
Forty years of marriage
Four daughters nine grandchildren
Life larger than pain
Injustice must be dealt with
Lies must be exposed to light
Pride and lust be confronted
Greed under control
Some are cynical
Blame is the name of the game
There’s another way to go
I know it found me
Through a passion for living
And loving friends to join me
I have betrayed others
I have also been betrayed
This is true of all of us
I’ll lay down the stone
My heart judges me
I don’t need you to do that
I need forgiveness