love always receives

November 21, 2009

It is easy to see others
Their failures and bad deeds
For one to look at oneself
Takes courage and truth
When I see myself
I must lay all the stones down
For I too have failed
Until you see all sides
A decision is foolish
An un-reconciled life hurts
The children suffer
Love always receives
No matter what the offense
And gives forgiveness
If you’ve not received this love
You are not able to give
Examine yourself today
Receive love’s great gift
© Terry S. Smith
November 8, 2008

Would you be willing?

November 4, 2009

Would you be willing
To begin again each day
And see through new eyes
Would you be willing
To listen to the people
Who say you hurt them
Would you be willing
To ask them to forgive you
For whatever is your part
Not to be defensive
To let them know you accept
Your responsibility
Would you be willing
To declare your intentions
And admit your faults
Would you be willing
To choose to be kind
Even when you’re hurt
Would you be willing
To not judge motivation
And forgive freely
Would you be willing
To accept amazing love
To know that you are forgiven
And cherished by One
Who knows all of your story
And delights in your presence
© Terry S. Smith
written November 4, 2009


October 31, 2009


I’ll never give up

Seeking to know what will work

To enhance this life

To make things better for all

Seeking how to live with joy


I’ll begin with me

I’ll learn to care for myself

In all dimensions

Then I will share with others

With those who want to listen


There are five things I need

Awareness of greater love

Food to eat and forgiveness

Leadership and hope


These I seek each day

I live in discovery

In each of these areas

Because I focus


My answers don’t satisfy

Those looking for a quick fix

But those who will choose to search

Will certainly find


Finding others who’re seeking

Working with the same questions

Makes the journey much lighter

Friendships develop


© Terry S. Smith

October 27, 2009



October 30, 2009


The good and the bad

I observe all around me

Leaves me with a choice

I’ve found a delightful path

A joy ready to be shared

That joy is in you

I discovered over time

Be still and listen

You are larger than your pain

You are free to choose your way

Life does not consist of things

Relationship matters

Relationships are where we fail

It’s where we find real pain

Forgiveness is the secret

How do we get there

It will take your best thinking

Knowledge is important here

A desire to live is the key

With joy as your aim


© Terry S. Smith

October 30, 2009

light into darkness

October 29, 2009

Bringing light into darkness
Letting kindness be the rule
Gentleness and compassion
From a higher love
Relationships will suffer
Until anger is addressed
Honestly and sincerely
In a timely way
I still have many questions
But now I know what matters
I want to know how to love
Myself and others
© Terry S. Smith
written October 29, 2009

real peace & real joy

October 23, 2009


Look at your expectations

Of yourself and of others

Look at someone whose healthy

Who lives in real joy


You find at the center

Love, and respect for oneself

A way to deal with failure

Your own and also others


The question I have

How do I help a person 

See that they are loved


How do I live in real peace

With those who are close to me

I discovered forgiveness

A personal quest


© Terry S. Smith

written October 23, 2009



October 13, 2009


Loving is daily

An interaction of caring

A gentle kind touch


It is in the voice

The tone will resonate care

It comes from the heart


The heart can be seen

It will reflect what is real

Over time you will know it


Actions speak loudest

They will always tell the truth

They reveal broken places


Mercy can mend it

With two hearts that are seeking

To know what is true


© Terry S. Smith

written October 13, 2009




October 12, 2009


Life looks different

When you see through other’s eyes

A desire to understand

Is a must for one to grow


If things have been bad

If your hopes are not fulfilled

It’s easy to blame others

When you are at fault


It will take courage to look

Not spend your time accusing 

Take responsibility

It’s a work of art 


Desiring understanding

To want to know above all

What it takes to be loving

A desire to change


© Terry S. Smith

written October 10, 2009


inner world

October 7, 2009

To master my inner world
Is a daily life time task
I will choose the influence
That draws me to joy
Overcome the distractions
Focus on what is the truth
Discipline your mind for love
See life through new eyes
I have been amazed
When I practice solitude
I hear fresh new things
© Terry S. Smith
written February 27, 2009

the high road

October 1, 2009


I’ll take the “high road”

It is the road to give peace

To those that I fail

And to the ones who hurt me


I’ll never give up

I will always be searching

For new ways to love


I call it life long learning

My mistakes are my teachers

And there are many


But I’m bigger than my faults

And so are those around me

When I can forgive myself

I forgive others


© Terry S. Smith

written October 1, 2009




September 28, 2009

What does it look like
To live a genuine life
I would like to know

Before I give my answers
How about you giving thought
What it is to you
I will answer this question
If you will choose to reply
Tell me what you have learned
I would like to hear
© Terry S. Smith
written June 19, 2009


September 18, 2009


When I do my best

Sometimes it is not enough

My humanity fails me

It is the place I learn the most

I have learned to forgive me


Looking back I see

My ignorance saddens me

Remembering those I hurt

With good intentions

I did not know their story

I’ve learned to say, “I’m sorry.”


When I learned a person’s story

My heart overflows

With compassion and respect

For their journey in this life


I have laid down my judgment

And picked up compassion

I learned when I judge myself

I’m judgmental of others 


Seek understanding

A secret few comprehend

Listen first, talk last


© Terry S. Smith

written September, 18, 2009


Life is the greatest gift

September 17, 2009

I am thankful for my life
The people in my world
Are precious and bring great joy
They are my treasure
What I am thankful for
Cannot be taken from me
Circumstances will not dictate
Life is the greatest gift
Do your best to care
For yourself and the others
Look at life through their eyes
Then give them your best
“Ask yourself what you want
people to do for you,
then grab the initiative
and do it for them.”
© Terry S. Smith
written December 3, 2008
Quote by Eugene H. Peterson


September 5, 2009


Can anyone speak to life

How do I break the cycle

Handed down by my dad

Is there a model


It’s the hardest thing to find

I found that in my despair

I clarified my questions

Set my mind to life


I knew what I did not want

Can I find another way

Will my children weep like me

Can I give them love


I’ve seen despair win

Rob people from being loved

I am determined

To bring light, life and loving

In view of all that I meet


The path that I choose 

Will impact generations

I know this is true


We all leave a legacy

A life that we will pass on

I will not be uninformed

I’ll engage my mind



© Terry S. Smith

written September 5, 2009



There were feelings of no hope

I sank in despair

In silence I ceased striving

Be quiet, be still; love comes


Real truth is experienced

It cuts through to all levels

The mind, heart and soul reflected

Light breaks through darkness


There is a secret

Where a person does begin

The first step is just simply

Be responsible

For how you think and act

You will find the right questions


I have learned life is not fair

I have no control of you

I will decide who I’ll be

I choose to be kind


© Terry Smith

written August 31, 2009