wellspring of hope

July 2, 2009

I need a fresh drink
Each morning when I arise
Of eternal hope
In the night I am refreshed
With sleep and new beginning
There is an inner wellspring
I’ve learned to draw on
I find the hard work
Is to quieten my soul
And listen for truth
I must get outside of myself
And test the things that I hear
Be open to new learning
To challenge the fear
I have found a place to go
That is restful and certain
It is something I can’t give
Only point the way
My loving is not enough
It will fail at its best
But I will never give up
Seeking to improve
There is someone who loves me
I have learned “no matter what”
It’s not based on my feelings
They tend to deceive
When those I love are hurting
I feel helpless and so grieved
I have no way to fix it
I pray love comes soon
My eyes begin the searching
Looking for ways to survive
I finally found one thing
That gives me real hope.
written June 14, 2009