seek wisdom

July 9, 2009


Educate yourself

Your responsibility

To use your mind well

You can be real smart

And ignorant at the same time

Information helps 


True information, that is

Every human can see

Given safety and good time

You’ll figure life out


There will come a time

In the life of all of us

You will know if you got it

Looking back you’ll see

The decisions that you made

Were right for you or wrong


So I hope you’ll look ahead

Seek wisdom with all your heart

Make insight your greatest goal

Read ancient Proverbs

Today I will celebrate

Sixty-seven years of life

I am still learning a lot

Surprised by the joy


written July 9, 2009 


voice of love

June 30, 2009

Wisdom is supreme
Understanding is the bridge
Compassion will rule
Thoughtful time alone with God
To listen and to follow
You will find direction
And your soul renewed
Good words bring entrance
To a soul searching for life
Find words that are true
Which voice do you listen to
Only you can decide that
The voice of love won my life
I pray it wins yours
written November 4, 2008

to search and to find

June 28, 2009

“I have finished my work here.”
Are words that I want to say
I know what I am called to do
I will finish strong
I am resolved to complete
The work I am going to do
With great joy I will proceed
With freedom to choose
It is good to have one thing
That you know matters most
It brings great clarity
Energized by joy
Each person must search it out
What that one thing is to them
Love must be the center
And truth at the core
And what is truth
Each one is responsible
To search and to find
written November 21, 2008

the genuine life

June 11, 2009

My life is like a plant
I need to water it well
And pull the weeds out each day
Then it will flourish
I want my roots to grow deep
I want my soul to drink deeply
I want to bear the fruit of
Wisdom, love and peace
Love means clean inside
Being pure and transparent
Focused on loving
A light to the world
What I do alone
To live the genuine life
Is most important
In my private world
I make choices to train well
I am what I think
I will pursue character
Integrity will be first
Maturity is my goal
I will seek to serve
written September 1, 2008


May 22, 2009

I determined I would find
A different way to live
Than the way given to me
A passion for life
To be diligent to seek
What is true, noble, and right
To search fresh springs of life
A longing to be fulfilled
I’ll never arrive
But it’s a secret journey
Of my inner soul
Where at the center peace calls
And love pursues in silence
The noise is so great
The fears have deep roots screaming
With the adrenalin rush
How to calm the storm within
It will take your best thinking
Do I fight or run away
I felt panic in my soul
Depression knocked at my door
Who would come and help
I have asked for help
Looking around I have found
Resources of love
This will take courage
To seek what is good and right
To persevere and control
The dark voices in my soul
To choose life and healing grace
There are thoughts in me that lie
It’ll take wisdom to detect
To cut through the false feelings
Expose assumptions


May 20, 2009

To get wisdom is to love
Oneself and others near you
Insight and timing will work
When we learn to hear
Understanding is the key
And unlocks the way to love
Good information given
With safety and time
Lies must be exposed
It’s the only way to health
Peace is the result 
Arise and search well
For understanding of things
And you will find life
There are many barriers 
Your perceptions are the first
It will bring the resistance
To reality 
Choose advisors well
Ones who are living freely
Whose life and words speak
Who will provide you safety
An invitation to speak
Into my life is given
To those who’ve demonstrated
A love without end
I have no expectations 
For anyone to fix me
But I do expect to find
What makes sense in life
This is what I’ve found 
A way to look with great care
At my real issues

a heartbeat

May 19, 2009

There is a heartbeat
That quietly speaks to me
Of a higher love
I have rhythm in my soul
A song to sing in the night
I discovered in darkness
That’s led me to joy
My circumstances were bleak
Relationship emptiness
People I love took their life
Where was I to go
As a child alone
There were no words to utter
The sounds of my soul
As I hear others groaning
I know I cannot save them
Or respond to all I hear
I can say there’s hope
I know relationships die
It’s happening all the time
The children are suffering
God help the children
If you are wise you will think
You’ll look for information
And not assume you have it
That is arrogant
Wisdom is what I’m seeking
Knowledge applied at right times
Looking at all the angles
Of situations
What are your eyes fixed on now?
Awareness of the focus
Will help you make wise choices
Look to the future
We know the past well
It is where we reason from
The past dictates the future
We must think clearly
Or repeat the past again
That truth is hidden from us
There are many quick life turns
And sudden changes around
One of my biggest questions
“What can I count on?”