Forever Love

June 29, 2011


“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good;

His love endures forever.”  

Psalm 118:1


His love endures forever

 Somethings always stay the same

 Let the children of God say

 His love is without end


 He’s the cornerstone

 A love that cannot be moved

 The rock in my soul

 Much stronger than my feelings

 His mercy I will build on


 God is at my side 

 In my distress I cried out

 I’ll not be afraid

 The Lord has been my helper

 I shall forgive all my foes


 God is my refuge

 I will not trust in princes 

 In the likes of men

 My enemy is within

 I was thrust down and falling


 The Lord is my strength and song

 He is my savior and friend

 He’ll not leave or forsake me

 His promise is true


 “I shall not die, I shall live”

 His right hand will raise me up

 I will recount all his deeds

 In my unbelief


 I am the work of the Lord

 I will be clay in his hands

 I will collapse in his arms

 And call him “Abba”


The Real Secret

June 5, 2011

I say to the Lord
Preserve me, you’re my refuge
It is you alone
Who will provide happiness
You’ve given marvelous love
God waited for me
To hit the bottom and come
I chose to surrender now
My judgment and pain
To the one who understands
Who became fully human
There’s no one but God
Who’ll show me the path of life
My heart rejoices
A decision based on hope
I arise from the ashes
The Lord gives counsel
He’s qualified to do that
At night he will direct me
I’ll keep him in sight
Even when I don’t feel him
Sometimes my feelings will lie
You’re my portion and my cup
You give me the living water
Your words make me your delight
I believe your word
I have found you are enough
You are the one who made me
And meets me with compassion
I need your mercy
You, Lord, are my lamp
God, you light up my darkness
You break through the barriers
Lord, you scale the wall
I accept you as my shield
I find my refuge in you
© Terry S. Smith
June 3, 2011
Meditations written after reading Psalm 13, 16-19 and the book “Safe Within Your Love”, by David Hazard.
Dedicated to my precious daughters, Sara, Melissa, Margaret, and Elizabeth.