The Rhythm of Your Soul

August 25, 2011

The earth is filled with
The unfailing love of God
Therefore honor him
I bow in reverence
My joy is over flowing
His eyes are on me
My eyes are fixed on his love
This is a story I’m told
I’ve an unquenchable thirst
To know what is true
You must engage your thinking
Aware of your wounded heart
Find out that love pursues you
The unseen Spirit
We’ll focus on the person
Jesus Christ proclaimed this love
Be aware of your questions
Love is pursuing you
I dance to the tune 
A revelation of love
A rhythm of joy
Intimate eyes see
The beauty in creation
The secret silence
Is one you must fight for
Stop all the noise and listen
The beat of your heart
The rhythm of your soul calls
You have a voice in the day
Stop pleasing others
Get in touch with what you want
Take time today to like you
Terry S. Smith
© August 25, 2011
Contemplation on Psalm 33 and meditation on this statement: “What the mind cannot conceive, the heart can embrace.”  William Minninger

Each Breath a Gift

August 20, 2011

Faithful in the little things
Integrity is a must
Humility and wisdom
In response to love
I have no power
I cannot secure my life
I came from the dust
Each breath I take is a gift
The love I receive treasured
My heart beats with joy untold
An unfailing love
There is no trouble
No death or desperation
Christ has not dealt with
Knowledge is the key
Faith opens the lock to joy
Practice His Presence
Perseverance will secure
Obedience to the love
He will rescue you
From fear and anxiety
This is a promise He gave
A clear decision
That I get to make each day
I come hungry to know Him
God delights in you
It’s beyond understanding
I know that it’s true
I have learned through practicing
Being a seeker of truth
I’ve tasted the fruit
Of seeking a righteous life
Although I have failed many times
Each time I have learned
The friendship only deepens
Forgiveness is the miracle
Compassion and gentleness
I discovered in silence
Focus on this teacher’s heart
Captured by His mind
Terry S. Smith
August 11, 2011
Meditation on Proverbs 11; Psalm 25; 17.

Beyond Comprehension

August 12, 2011

The earth is God’s footstool
The ocean held in a jar
The other hand holds the sand
His breath made the stars
Who can know the mind of God
Who has been His counselor
God declares real love
It’s hidden behind the false self
The ego builds illusions
That must be medicated
By the drivenness of lies
God is in our box
Our minds think we create him
Our ego declares it so
Who will decide it
Who’ll make the final judgment
A question to consider
We each trust someone
Since I will live with my choice
I will make the decision
Of whose thinking I will trust
A gift I have been given
His eyes are so intimate
They look at me with compassion
They search throughout the earth
Looking for seekers
You are a good case study
You’ve tuned into the message
Christ in you, hope of glory
You are his great joy
© Terry S. Smith
August 9, 2011
Reflections on Matthew 5:35; Psalm 139; Psalm 31-34; John 17; Psalm 19; Luke 15; Colossians 3; Exodus 20; Hebrews 11:6; Matthew 11:28.~


August 5, 2011

I wait in expectation
For you to draw near to me
Teach me what I need to know
To reflect your love
This greater joy comes
When I confront illusions
False idols I will call them
Born in childhood
They run deep and are toxic
Hidden in the secret place
Unconsciously in my soul
There is only one cure
A friend who loves me deeply
Who gives me bread for my soul
Only the Holy Spirit
Dismantles the lies
I am powerless
When I arise in the day
Controlled by a bitter way
I cry out for help
I found God to be faithful
Compassionate and giving
Terry S. Smith
August 1, 2011
Written after meditating on Psalm 1-5 and Proverbs 1.