April 27, 2010

Intimately in nature
We freely observe
We see it in the animals
The changing of the seasons
I want to find life’s rhythm
There is a cycle in life
Stages of development
Timing in all things
Life is now where you’re living
It’s the place where you’re standing
It is an inward resting
Where renewal occurs
I will stop, think, and assess
I will ask my life questions
Where can a person find peace
An internal spaciousness
Each day I take time
To listen to the rhythm
I meditate and observe
Consider what’s true
I’ll stay close to the center
Take pleasure in being me
I know I have faults
I have much to overcome
The lens I looked through
Told me I was a failure
I found new lenses to see
I want a synchronized life
Develop rhythms of joy
I’ll discover the richness
To love and be loved
© Terry S. Smith
April 27, 2010

What I often hear ….

April 23, 2010


“I am so busy
I cannot hear myself think
If I slow down I’m afraid
Of what’s inside me
If I stop I’ll hear the voice
Of the brokenness in me”

“Where can I go with that pain
Who can listen to my story
Do I dare bring it to the light
The hurt and the shame”

“No one really knows
Does anyone really care
Is there someone I can trust
Who will not bring judgment
Who will choose to listen to truth
And be willing to forgive”
I know what matters
It’s the person before you
Who’s looking you in the eye
Listening with care
Loving with no strings attached
It’s a gift beyond measure
© Terry S. Smith
April 23, 2010

Love demonstrated

April 22, 2010


I see the wounded

Many trapped by guilt and shame

My heart breaks for them


There are so many

Where can they go for comfort

Those who look will find


I want to be a light

Hold the candlestick of joy

High above circumstances

Look them in the eye

Remind them how great they are

Proclaim they are the beloved


The storm became a whisper

The waves lay still and quiet

The human heart was rested

With unfailing love


I was at “wits end”

I cried out in my distress

I was calmed by love


The mystery seen

The unseen becoming real

You need real knowledge


Love makes sense to me

Hatred will only destroy

Joy’s the fruit of love


Love seen in action

Is what I’ve been looking for

Demonstrated care


People are precious

To be treated with respect

With no strings attached


Reflections from Psalm 107 and Proverbs 22

© Terry S. Smith, April 22, 2010


The Calm

April 13, 2010

Looking back I see
Devastating decisions
That were destructive

My own and others
Forgiveness is what’s needed
Who is willing to give

Can my tears be seen
Are the cries of my heart heard
Looking back I know
In the stillness of the night
I heard a gentle whisper

“You are forgiven”
These words were sweet to my ears
Rooted in reality
There’s a place of rest
Where I found joy in the storm
The calm that brings certainty
©Terry S. Smith
April 8, 2010

Joy unspeakable

April 9, 2010

Joy unspeakable
A gift given to the world
I decided to receive
The treasure available
To everyone who lives
Each person is important
There are no exceptions to this
It’s the people who matter
It’s where love resides
The indwelling of the joy
Rooted in the mind of God
Demonstrated in the flesh
By one who’s like us
I’ve received this joy
There is a depth of friendship
I cannot describe
The vision I saw
As a young man who was hurt
“There is hope for the future
For all who will seek”
I became intentional
In my quest to know what’s real
© Terry S. Smith
April 8, 2010 
Dedicated to New England friends.

Rich Relationships

April 5, 2010


My relationships are rich

Because I listen today

To one who loves me deeply

Friendship born in tears


I have just one voice

That captures all of my thoughts

I hesitate to name him

Misconceptions blind


My feelings deny

The reality of love

I will use my mind


I have a good friend

I know his story the best

His teachings have saved my life

I awake hungry

To listen to his kind voice

On Jesus’ words I reflect


I know this takes faith

I put my mind in gear

Examine his story well

I choose to trust him


Who are the happy

They are the powerless ones

Who admit they’re wrong

They begin to grieve losses

And discover real comfort


I found out what matters most

I learned it from the teacher

Nothing is more important

Than human beings


Unquenchable fire

Ignited by a life well lived

He defeated death itself

Calls me to follow

To love God as He loves me

To see and love others well


I have had thousands of people share their story with me.  The ones that thrive emotionally are the ones who have a foundation of faith.

© Terry S. Smith

April 4, 2010


April 1, 2010

Joy is not sentimental
It is a gift to be received
A vision to hold onto

It has a basis
A foundation that is true
A treasure hidden

It is lived in a story
Of one who modeled the path
With the joy set before him
He endured the pain

No one escapes the suffering
Each person has a story
We all have a choice to make
How we will react

When I am under pressure
Or I am tempted to do wrong
I have trained my eyes to see
I focus on joy

The fruit of this discipline
I can tell you after the years
Has been a surprising thing
Joy personified

I receive the help
When helpless I have cried out
Joy was discovered

© Terry S. Smith