I’m looking for direction
I’m waiting at the doorway
I’m listening for your voice
The voice of wisdom
Where can I find this wisdom
It is a search each must take
Your life will depend on it
Decide what you want
I know I desire to live
Love and joy at the center
Where relationships flourish
I know what I want
Since I made the decision
To look outside my feelings
Get input from wiser souls
My life is enriched
Want only good for others
Is the first piece of advice
Start with being kind to self
Decide you’re worth it
There is a book of wisdom
Penned three thousand years ago
It’s called the book of Proverbs
I read it daily
© Terry S. Smith
March 8, 2010
Written after meditating on Proverbs 8, and Psalm 37.


March 3, 2010

Those I loved were gone
I sat in the darkest night
Afraid, not able to speak
Alone and helpless
At the darkest time
No hope on the horizon
Light broke in the dawn
To live was my decision
There was fire in my being
Mysterious energy
Coming from within
My search became real
The path began to open
The pain was universal
Everyone’s lot
All around there were others
Searching to find what was real
It is easy to escape
And medicate all the pain
That is what my parents did
And gave it to me
Was I to repeat
And give this to my children
I decided, “No!”
I found a community
Of people wanting to know
Seeking knowledge and insights
How to be human
Searching is the key
Being honest and fearless
Not afraid to ask questions
Even about death
We’re at different places
But at one in our seeking
© Terry S. Smith
March 3, 2010

seeing life

March 2, 2010

Circumstances won’t control
Who I am, how I respond
There is a power within
The freedom to choose
Bitterness will rob
A person from seeing life
It is cancer of the soul
A person can heal
It takes time and good thinking
Daily looking to learn
Wisdom is available
Understanding is the key
More profitable than gold
Seek with all your heart
I began to seek
With intention at eighteen
Hungry not to repeat
The past handed down
My children would not suffer
The abandonment and loss
© Terry S. Smith
March 2, 2010

basic steps

March 1, 2010

The joy of living
Finding a way that makes sense
Has been my life goal
There is no easy answer
No formula or quick fix
Just asking the real questions
Honestly seeking
There is a rhythm of joy
Those who have that joy have trained
I have learned the basic steps
I practice each day
I’ve learned through failure
The pain has not been all bad
Looking back I see
Having mentors helps
Looking back I’ve had the best
Inspired examples
These mentors were not perfect
But gave authentic guidance
© Terry S. Smith
February 26, 2010