voice of love

June 30, 2009

Wisdom is supreme
Understanding is the bridge
Compassion will rule
Thoughtful time alone with God
To listen and to follow
You will find direction
And your soul renewed
Good words bring entrance
To a soul searching for life
Find words that are true
Which voice do you listen to
Only you can decide that
The voice of love won my life
I pray it wins yours
written November 4, 2008

to search and to find

June 28, 2009

“I have finished my work here.”
Are words that I want to say
I know what I am called to do
I will finish strong
I am resolved to complete
The work I am going to do
With great joy I will proceed
With freedom to choose
It is good to have one thing
That you know matters most
It brings great clarity
Energized by joy
Each person must search it out
What that one thing is to them
Love must be the center
And truth at the core
And what is truth
Each one is responsible
To search and to find
written November 21, 2008

With power and love

June 26, 2009

A friend called me and asked how I was doing.  I responded,  “I am in perfect peace, in a perfect storm.”  Later in the evening, I wrote this poem as a reflection of my day.


The storm is raging

The Prince of Peace calls us near

He speaks to the storm


I’ll give attention

To one who calms the storm

With power and love


He spoke with authority

And the sea that was raging

Became still and quieted

A sight to behold


The fear in the storm

Came from inside my being

The storm wasn’t the open sea

But my broken heart


The grief was overwhelming

Pain I had no language for

All of my dreams were shattered

Peace is what I needed

written June 23, 2009

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your cry is heard

June 24, 2009

When you are in the valley
Deep down in your greatest pain
Your cry is heard I promise
By the One who cares
There is something much higher
A love that is mysterious
It comes in my helplessness
Love larger than me
for those who are in their greatest pain
written October 8, 2008

Our Dad’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009

Terry Smith’s daughters have hijacked his blog for Father’s Day.
Our Dad is like….
a cool stream giving a drink to weary travelers
a lamp giving light
a salt shaker giving flavor to food
Our Dad…
refreshes others as he himself has been refreshed
listens and loves unconditionally
is merciful and kind
Thank you, Dad, for caring about the little details of our lives.
We love you and enjoy being in your presence. 
You radiate peace.

My Father’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009


It is Father’s day

I know my Father’s deep love

He gave all he had


I want to know the meaning

That he had when he began

What did he want life to be

For you and for me


He began with a vision

I will search this believing

What he had in mind was good

And I can find it


I know the place to begin

I  believe I am worth it

I must care enough for me

Look for a higher love


I found in me a darkness

That frankly has frightened me

I know I am capable

Of giving great pain


I have found I need help

From something larger than me

I know I am powerless

To overcome me


I began at the bottom

To discover I need help

To love myself and others

Mercy I received


I know that you forgive me

Because that is who you are

You are the one thing in my life

That will never shift


I praise you that I can read

I praise you that I can breath

I praise you that I can see

And hear your kind call


My mind is quickened 

My heart turns to see clearly

My imagination smiles

I’m open to love

Love is running to meet me

I surrender my being


I am in awe at what I see

When I practice gratitude

All day long I am aware

Of what’s really true


I pause to listen

In the early morning time

With expectation


I begin with taking in

Thoughts from the one who made me

Tasting the joy of great love


June 21, 2009


gift of love

June 19, 2009


The greatest gift I have received
Is a gift given to all
A relationship of love
That will never leave
This gift cannot be taken
A love deeply rooted here
Is undeniable life
Living water refreshes
Words make entrance to my soul
A love beyond words
Love always receives
No matter what the offense
That’s the miracle
If you’ve not received this love
You are not able to give
Examine yourself today
Receive love’s great gift
It’s a love that I tasted
The world around me stands still
It’s a love experienced 
By all the senses
Love must be defined
Where do we go for that one
You must make that choice
Unfailing love gives me hope
An unshakeable kingdom
Love demonstrated on earth
Much larger than death
So wait and be filled 
Love comes to those who seek it
That love is enough
written Winter 2009

the reality of death

June 18, 2009


Death sits as my enemy
It’s a constant reminder
Of my own powerlessness
When it comes I weep
It is sudden and swift
It is like a tornado
We don’t like to think about 
The reality
I know that death is coming
With my head but not my heart
Somehow I think I will escape
Where do I get that
I decided to face it
To turn and look death straight on
I’ll not live my life in fear
And miss the great joy
Two kinds of death that I see
Physical and spiritual
What blinds people from seeing
Are internal lies
Those lies must be confronted
And only you can do it
Be sure you get all the facts
You’re responsible
Who is it that speaks to death
That’s what I wanted to know
I sought an authentic voice
Not religious talk
We all have been hurt
I have tasted the injustice
Relationship betrayal
I grew up in it
I decided I would stop
The cycle of death given me
The one my parents lived in
The questions began
Each person has a story
That deserves full attention
Everyone needs to be heard
That’s what I believe
Real conversation 
Is what I need from someone
Who will listen and respond
And consider well
Understanding my story
And me understanding theirs
written June 17, 2009
after a week with several deaths

Discover joy

June 17, 2009


Guard your mouth and tongue
This is the work of the heart
Some grief you’ll avoid
How one guards the heart
What practices do you use
They must be daily
A daily practice
Will help you secure your goal
And discover joy
Discipline is hard
It is a choice that I make
I discover joy
My mind is the place
Where I do battle for life
I choose the focus
There is always help
It is the great mystery
Of the unseen God

written August 21, 2008


run deeper

June 15, 2009


An oak whose roots run deeper
Will allow the tree to grow
Providing shade for all
So it is with life
How can a life run deeper
How does one attend to Life
Be still and it will get clear
I am listening
You will see all the options
You will define the issues
You will look for what makes sense
You want to live well
For Charlotte, my wife for forty-four years
written November 14, 2008

a garden

June 13, 2009

My heart is the place
Where I work each morning
I plow, plant and sow
The seeds are chosen with care
I visualize the fruit
“Loneliness is a desert
Solitude is a garden”*
The mind must be cared for well
I now have a choice
My soul is quiet
In the stillness I listen
Waiting patiently
© Terry S. Smith
written February 10, 2009
* Henri Nouwen

the genuine life

June 11, 2009

My life is like a plant
I need to water it well
And pull the weeds out each day
Then it will flourish
I want my roots to grow deep
I want my soul to drink deeply
I want to bear the fruit of
Wisdom, love and peace
Love means clean inside
Being pure and transparent
Focused on loving
A light to the world
What I do alone
To live the genuine life
Is most important
In my private world
I make choices to train well
I am what I think
I will pursue character
Integrity will be first
Maturity is my goal
I will seek to serve
written September 1, 2008
You’re a work of art
This one thing I know is true
If you breathe and are alive
If you think and plan
My heart has soared with great joy
My mind is captured by love 
I experience wonder
An unspoken joy
Growing up is a process
I will never stop learning
Open to listen with care
To those who ring true
I cannot fix anything
But one thing I have learned
Provide a place of safety
And show up with love

I will listen with great care
The same care I was given
Believing in the person
Pointing to the love  (way)

A human being
Is marvelous and unique
There’s no one like you

I invite you to accept
The wonder of your own life
You must fight the lies

I have found the tools
A framework to capture
The most basic truths of life

The first one is essential
It’s the foundation you see
It’s basic understanding
You’re a work of art
written June 8, 2009

Be Bold

June 7, 2009

My tongue has Power
Power to hurt or to heal
I will make that choice
A gentle answer
Will cause the harsh words to cease
Anger can be stilled
What do I pursue
My decision is final
What matters is you
Relationships soar
When I want what’s best for you
You want what is best for me
Happy hearts bring cheer
Downcast hearts hurt those around
Help us be aware
Words spoken with care
Make safety for those who hear
Love is discovered
Timely words give hope
A healing tongue refreshes
The soul leaps for joy
Be Bold with your love
Be Bold in giving your patience
Give compassion reign
written August 15, 2008

soul’s desire

June 4, 2009


What matters to me
As I look back and ahead
Is to give my love
I have been loved well
Since I choose to search for life
Emptiness fired the kindling
Of my soul’s desire
Love is what I longed to know
Can love be real and lasting?
This mystery hidden well
The answer is “yes”
Some secrets in me
Are like fire illuminating
Certain hope and peace
A joy longing to be shared
A passion rooted in love
I tested this love
I began with intention
To know what is real
I listened to my questions
Out of my desperation
In me was a voice
I heard riveting my soul
Find out what is real
At sixty-six I can speak
Not just coming from a dream
But having found this great love
I long to share it
Joy beyond human words
Secrets longing to be told
Sacred to the soul
written January 14, 2009