In the face of terror one feels the powerlessness like no one can imagine. I am sitting among people who have lived it this week in Jerusalem. Last night I met a man and his 25 year old daughter. She was kidnapped in France when she was only three years old. It was seven years before he and his wife were able to get their daughter home.   “All to Bring Victoria Home” by Delwyn Jones Schmidt –  check Amazon.

As I read Psalm 32 and 62 this morning David reminds us that there is only one place to go to when the terror man comes upon man. Then I listened to the story of a man whose parents met in Auschwitz in Poland. Both his parents lost most of their love ones, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in the camp. Incomprehensible!!! I experience the joy in both of these people. In reflecting on these Psalms I found a place to go that is helping me keep perspective by setting my heart, mind and soul on the giver of light and life. David the Psalmist led me there in reading Psalm 32 and 62.

Tighten the strings of my heart
Draw near to me, Gracious Lord
I am yours to do as you will
Your joy – my center
I sense your divine power
Please deliver me from pride
I pray for humility
Love will rule my life
The lust for recognition
Deliver me from man’s applause
I want a pure heart, O God
Courage to do right
I am powerless
Deliver me from man’s greed
Fill me with your peace
May compassion flow through me
The light of your presence seen
God says:

“I will instruct you
And teach you the way to go
I will counsel you
My eyes will be fixed on you”
There’s no greater joy than this
You’re my hiding place
The giver of love and life
Your promises renew me
Your light breaks the dawn
Brings hope in the darkest times
You count my tears; I’m refreshed
Let it be so!

Gift of Forgiveness

January 31, 2015


Looking back I see
The blind spots in my own life
Born of ignorance
Then the intentional wrongs
They can be overwhelming


The blind spots are important
Learning points to remember
Because they are there I see
The damage I’ve done


I’m responsible
For the suffering of those
Given to my care
Children, family and friends
I found forgiveness with God


To face the truth about myself
Is a surprising gift to all
When love becomes the focus
And forgiveness reigns


I forgive myself
God chose to forgive my sins
My heart was broken
When I saw the price he paid
Incomprehensible love


I’ve sought forgiveness
From those I know I have hurt
From those I don’t know
I pray God covers us both
With gentleness and mercy


In stillness I come
I am focused on His love
With no one but God
I draw near seeking His mind
And I discover His heart


He has favored me
Claimed me as “His Beloved”
This promise given to all
Is sealed with His blood
Established by resurrection
Embraced by trust in His words


I practiced feeding this truth by reflecting on the words given in the Psalms this morning. Psalm 31, 91 and 121. The judgment of my own heart is so great that if I don’t establish who I trust in the morning I am manipulated by my worldview and the worldview of others who also hide behind the noise in the heart.

No time for my tears

September 18, 2011


There was no time for my tears

At seven years old life changed

Relationships were shattered

Love bonds were broken


No one would explain

I guess no one had the words

Each lost in their own pain


Angels attended

There was comfort in silence

An unseen presence


Many hours to wonder

To feel the deep grief alone

To discover a secret

A love deep within my soul

And a hunger to know more


As I grew older

My desire to understand

Grew exponentially

A desire to know

What is this unseen presence

I was hungry to know more


Gladness and joy came

In the searching I could see

Love pursuing me


Sorrow and sighing

Experienced deep comfort

From the unseen God


© Terry S. Smith

September 18, 2011

Written after reading Isaiah 50 & 51 and recalling memories from my life story.


Miraculous decisions

December 29, 2009

I climbed a tree at seven
Alone, sitting nauseous
Confused, no language to speak
The horror I saw
Mother with another man
Drinking, talking unaware
Of the blow she was giving
To a little boy
The decision in the tree
Was to disassociate
Distant emotionally
From the pain inside
My world unraveled
Significant relationships
Shattered before me
Looking back I see darkness
Outwardly my world was dark
Inwardly I searched out
Looking for the light
A mystery discovered
I am larger than my pain
In weakness I found
A child has hidden strength
Unseen by the human eye
When he’s traumatized by life
Receives certain gifts
A decision to seek truth
At any cost know what’s real
A miracle decision
That will bear great fruit
Each day’s decision
To live life genuinely
Responding to truth
Will bring surprising rewards
A joy to be discovered
It takes discipline
Understanding and wisdom
Listening to all the facts
Before deciding what’s true
The truth sets you free
In ways I cannot explain
Looking back I celebrate
Not afraid to speak
I’ll be bold as a lion
With courage I’ll go forward
Miraculous decisions
Looking back I can see
Moments of healing
© Terry S. Smith
 December 28, 2009


July 5, 2009


This morning I shucked the corn

I stood amazed at each ear

It was all a perfect fit

How did that happen


We will have a good dinner

We will taste how good it is

The taste buds are amazing

How did that happen


The laughter at the table

Will come from the food and love

Family that cares and gives

How did that happen


The little children talking

Running all around the room

Feeling the safety and love

How did that happen


The secret is what matters

A love beyond our thinking

Comes from deep within our lives

How did that happen


We are here to celebrate

The life of one dearly loved

Who is special to us all

Her name is Missy


Missy was born on this day

Just thirty-nine years ago

It was on a Sunday morn

Love entered our life


There is wisdom in a child

Her eyes were large and deep blue

I knew that she was special

Delight to my eyes


My view was transformed

She quickly changed my life here

Giving us pure joy


His love made it happen


written July 5, 2009

for my daughter Missy