inadequate words

July 29, 2010

My heart is broken
The depth of loss, no language
My dear friends suffer
The loss of their precious child
I cannot fathom their pain
Please come and comfort
Helpless, hurt, grieving and stunned
Surround them with hope
We now see and are aware
Only you, Jesus, can speak
Jesus was angry
His response expressed in tears
Then he acted with power
He raised Lazarus
And he will raise your daughter
Let God’s Spirit come
Hold you, comfort you, secure you
In ways that only he knows
That you need him now
He is the air you breathe
His presence brings us comfort
Our hearts are deeply grieved at the news of the death of twenty-year-old Liz LaVelle.  On July 28, 2010 while driving to Nashville, she was in a fatal car wreck.  My words are inadequate, so I turn to the One who is big enough to help bring comfort, hope, and a promise of resurrection.
The above meditations were written after reading Psalm 145, 146, Proverbs 29, “My Utmost of for His Highest”, Oswald Chambers, and John 11.
Terry S. Smith
July 29, 2010

A Gift

July 9, 2010

Brokenness – a gift
When you know you need help
Do not be afraid to ask
Accept the counsel
From those who have learned to live well
Examine the way they think
It’s never too late to seek
Renewal and hope will lead
You can begin now
There is a fresh way to see
Joy is on the horizon
The counsel will come
There is a clear voice calling
For everyone
The voice in the wilderness
Lift your head and behold love
Solitude draws me
Alone I listen to words
Of one who understands
I receive language
That express deepest feelings
Words of encouragement come
There is someone who delights
In being in your presence
Who longs for you to know love
“Seek and you will find”
Meditations written after reading
Psalms 32-36, Proverbs 7.
© Terry S. Smith
July 7, 2010

Indescribable peace

July 6, 2010


I will help others

The way I was helped

My strength was wasted

Resulting in my “burn out”

I could not save my own life


A love much larger than me

Intervened and came seeking

Indescribable peace

Anointed me with joy

© Terry S. Smith
July 2, 2010