May 28, 2009

When I awake, I listen
In the spirit of the now
Each day brings new surprises
Be still, watch closely
Seize the moment well
Use your mind, heart, soul
And you will laugh more
Laughter, a good antidote
Sometimes you can see clearly
When you do not take yourself
Too seriously
Relax and be you
You are unique and special
My mouth is filled with laughter
My tongue with songs of great joy
The God I know is good
I awake seeking
written May 27, 2009

refreshes you

May 27, 2009


A friend hears your soul

Your grief and deepest longings

It refreshes you


These are the friends that I need

They always greet you with joy

They remind you of their love

They know my dark side


There is a strange paradox

One that I cannot explain

It’s a mystery of love

Modeled in a friend


Words are a doorway

To the mystery of soul

When spoken in their context

Understanding comes

Knowledge will become a bridge

I will take time to listen


A bridge over confusion

Higher than criticism

It’s big enough to carry

Providing safety


Rest is what I need

I’ve been searching for that place

Now I have found it


I can pass it on

To others when I listen

Not quick to give my answers

Understand their words

Silent but fully present

Giving them honor and love


I will wait for them to ask

If they want to hear a way

That I found through listening

In silence I hear


In silence I am aware

Of the air I am breathing

I then become so thankful

When I take a breath


I begin with thanksgiving

For the simple things of life

My eyes, my ears, my feelings

Wake me up to life


My mind then asks questions

That come to me at the time

Then I follow those questions

Process them with friends


There is one question

It is one I have pondered

What to do with death


When you are ready to look

Search with all your senses

Give yourself plenty of time

Truth will set you free


There are different 

Kinds of death to examine

One is physical

Another is relational

Relationships are hardest


It’s easy to die

It is much harder to live

I will be in discussion

On how to live well

In relationship with friends

And also my enemy


I am not afraid

I have learned that I can think

And process this life journey

Others have done it

So there’s no reason I can’t~

I will not die, I will live

And share the things I have learned

To those who want to listen

I will wait in peace


The doorway to rest

I have learned to be thankful

For the little things


One little thing that I heard

Was said to me by a friend

His words I’ll never forget

“Do not be afraid”


Friends were gifts in my despair

In the darkness of my soul

They came loving me gently

Giving me real hope


written May 24, 2009



May 26, 2009

written on Memorial Day
I want the humor
Of Bill Wooten to help me
Discover the light
I watched Bill Wooten face death
With courage and dignity
I stood there powerlessly
In a sacred space
Do not be afraid
There is a hope to be known
Looking you will find
Today I will remember
Those who have fallen so young
Because of the bad decisions
Of Adolf Hitler
Normandy and Omaha
On those beaches lay the dead
Of young men who were heroes
Who died for freedom
Each person has a story
That is known by very few
Each would say “ordinary”
If they only knew
Each life is special
The one thing I have learned
Help me see each one
Words are important
They can bring life or bring death
Spoken from the heart
It helps me to write
The things that are on my mind
My grandchildren will read them
Maybe get a glimpse
Of how much I love them
Of ways that will set them free
When I was young I sought peace
Now I am much older
Some say I am elderly
I don’t think I am 
Inside there is a little boy
Full of wonder and great joy
Living in discovery
At age sixty-six
I grew up in the trouble
But I have found a teaching
That’s been tested in the streets
Triumph is in reach
I will have to wait
For those I’d love to ask me
How I found my way
In quiet I can listen
Think through the things I can do
And what I can’t do
It’s been a good day
I have vacuumed the house rugs
And taken a nap
Been refreshed at Starbucks
Where I am writing this now
I owe a great debt
To those who’ve given me words
Another man I thought of
He was ninety-four years old
I sat listening to him
E.H. Ijams his name
I could see light in his eyes
His sense of humor was strong
He spoke to me words of wisdom
I’ll never forget
Some of my mentors
Battle worn and full of joy
Heroes in my world
May 25, 2009
To hear a story from Bill Wooten, click here
scroll down until you see “Bill Wooten’s Story”
(underneath “Special announcements and Presentations”)


May 25, 2009

What do you do when 
Trust is broken among us
I have found a way
Healing of a good friendship
Will take time and your best thought
We are all in a hurry
Slow down and be wise
The breaking of promises
Is one of the first killers
It is like breaking a leg
You no longer run
How do you choose your close friends
That has been my big question
I know who the first friend is
I will befriend me
I found a criteria
That works for me over time
My greatest gift is the friends
Who have come to me
Yes, I have learned a secret
An experience of life 
One I am happy to share
With those listening
My first friend is me
This is hardest of all
For I have failed me
Yes, forgiving me
Then forgiving the others
Which of these comes first
You decide which one is first
But I must begin with me
The other has broken trust
I have no control
I concentrate on healing
Relief is not the answer
I seek good counsel
Anger can blind you
Of appropriate options
Your fears will paralyze you
Hide the healing touch
Please consider being still 
And find a very safe place (And find the wisdom of love)
There’s nothing wrong with anger
It represents the deep hurt
Get it out in a safe place
Then look at options
Although the path is simple
A profound truth you must see
You must understand one thing
Your personal worth
So search out your friends
Be honest and transparent
Forgive yourself and others
I begin with that
Accept that you are human
And those around your are, too
My mother failed me
She was nineteen when I came
I had an older brother
Father, twenty-one
Listen to your story well
You will find important clues
My sister was born
Before mom was twenty-one
Mom’s life was broken
Everyone has a story
There are secrets in each one
Some are good and some are bad
I found the good ones
The bad ones are real
Secrets that need to be told
It gave me understanding
Seen without judgment
I will lead with compassion
For myself and the others
To make space everyday
To be aware of my world
To be kind and respectful
And choose what makes sense
I found friends who live in joy
Yes, they have been hard to find
When I decided to search
I found friends looking
My teachers are good
I have chosen them with care
They lead with their life
I have asked them my questions
And they have given respect
Life is a process
A tree starts as an acorn
Planted in good soil
Watered well and good sunshine
Then a mighty oak is grown
The same is true for persons
With plenty of time and love
A heart searching for the truth
Honesty guiding (With authentic talk)
The best person in my life
I have known for forty-six years
I’ve failed her more than others
Her love is secure
She is one of those dear friends
Who’ll never leave or forsake
One I have always trusted
Who has room to fail
In early morning light dawns
Help me be gracious and kind
Compassionate and giving
To all that I meet
written May 23, 2009

Never give up

May 23, 2009

There are living lies
They speak for generations
The soul’s deep darkness
My grandfather’s decisions
He died before I was born
Were handed to my mother
They impacted her life
His choices brought death
He set a path of darkness
Of emptiness guilt and shame
My mother followed
Can children break the cycle
The empty way handed them
I discovered the answer
Absolutely “Yes”
To not repeat the same way
Must be decided
Then the search begins
Our questions must be honored
And never give up
I have learned to live daily
Respecting self and others
Considering the unseen
Life larger than me
Processing my life
Searching for what makes good sense
Looking for love is in me
Thirsty needing drink
I found that love seeking me
I was surprised by the joy
I’m talking forty-four years
Forty years of marriage
Four daughters nine grandchildren
Life larger than pain
Injustice must be dealt with
Lies must be exposed to light
Pride and lust be confronted
Greed under control
Some are cynical
Blame is the name of the game
There’s another way to go
I know it found me
Through a passion for living
And loving friends to join me
I have betrayed others
I have also been betrayed
This is true of all of us
I’ll lay down the stone
My heart judges me
I don’t need you to do that
I need forgiveness


May 22, 2009

I determined I would find
A different way to live
Than the way given to me
A passion for life
To be diligent to seek
What is true, noble, and right
To search fresh springs of life
A longing to be fulfilled
I’ll never arrive
But it’s a secret journey
Of my inner soul
Where at the center peace calls
And love pursues in silence
The noise is so great
The fears have deep roots screaming
With the adrenalin rush
How to calm the storm within
It will take your best thinking
Do I fight or run away
I felt panic in my soul
Depression knocked at my door
Who would come and help
I have asked for help
Looking around I have found
Resources of love
This will take courage
To seek what is good and right
To persevere and control
The dark voices in my soul
To choose life and healing grace
There are thoughts in me that lie
It’ll take wisdom to detect
To cut through the false feelings
Expose assumptions


May 20, 2009

To get wisdom is to love
Oneself and others near you
Insight and timing will work
When we learn to hear
Understanding is the key
And unlocks the way to love
Good information given
With safety and time
Lies must be exposed
It’s the only way to health
Peace is the result 
Arise and search well
For understanding of things
And you will find life
There are many barriers 
Your perceptions are the first
It will bring the resistance
To reality 
Choose advisors well
Ones who are living freely
Whose life and words speak
Who will provide you safety
An invitation to speak
Into my life is given
To those who’ve demonstrated
A love without end
I have no expectations 
For anyone to fix me
But I do expect to find
What makes sense in life
This is what I’ve found 
A way to look with great care
At my real issues

a heartbeat

May 19, 2009

There is a heartbeat
That quietly speaks to me
Of a higher love
I have rhythm in my soul
A song to sing in the night
I discovered in darkness
That’s led me to joy
My circumstances were bleak
Relationship emptiness
People I love took their life
Where was I to go
As a child alone
There were no words to utter
The sounds of my soul
As I hear others groaning
I know I cannot save them
Or respond to all I hear
I can say there’s hope
I know relationships die
It’s happening all the time
The children are suffering
God help the children
If you are wise you will think
You’ll look for information
And not assume you have it
That is arrogant
Wisdom is what I’m seeking
Knowledge applied at right times
Looking at all the angles
Of situations

each person’s story

May 18, 2009

Each person’s story 
Is amazing and unique
I’m trained to listen
A deep abiding grieving
That is happening in me
When I see the pain
The invisible calls me
I have no language to speak
Living in desperation
I found love waiting
The isolation 
I see people living in
Cut off and alone
Touches my heartfelt longing
For them to be touched by love
What are your eyes fixed on now?
Awareness of the focus
Will help you make wise choices
Look to the future
We know the past well
It is where we reason from
The past dictates the future
We must think clearly
Or repeat the past again
That truth is hidden from us
There are many quick life turns
And sudden changes around
One of my biggest questions
“What can I count on?”