In the face of terror one feels the powerlessness like no one can imagine. I am sitting among people who have lived it this week in Jerusalem. Last night I met a man and his 25 year old daughter. She was kidnapped in France when she was only three years old. It was seven years before he and his wife were able to get their daughter home.   “All to Bring Victoria Home” by Delwyn Jones Schmidt –  check Amazon.

As I read Psalm 32 and 62 this morning David reminds us that there is only one place to go to when the terror man comes upon man. Then I listened to the story of a man whose parents met in Auschwitz in Poland. Both his parents lost most of their love ones, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in the camp. Incomprehensible!!! I experience the joy in both of these people. In reflecting on these Psalms I found a place to go that is helping me keep perspective by setting my heart, mind and soul on the giver of light and life. David the Psalmist led me there in reading Psalm 32 and 62.

Tighten the strings of my heart
Draw near to me, Gracious Lord
I am yours to do as you will
Your joy – my center
I sense your divine power
Please deliver me from pride
I pray for humility
Love will rule my life
The lust for recognition
Deliver me from man’s applause
I want a pure heart, O God
Courage to do right
I am powerless
Deliver me from man’s greed
Fill me with your peace
May compassion flow through me
The light of your presence seen
God says:

“I will instruct you
And teach you the way to go
I will counsel you
My eyes will be fixed on you”
There’s no greater joy than this
You’re my hiding place
The giver of love and life
Your promises renew me
Your light breaks the dawn
Brings hope in the darkest times
You count my tears; I’m refreshed
Let it be so!

How Do You Set Your Mind?

February 9, 2015


The focus of the children
How beautiful and loving
Need direction from your word
Because you give life


Love awakens us to joy
Arising each morning to pray
I will listen first then speak
Respond to the truth


Truth always comes through kindness
Although at first it’s painful
To see the lies I live by
Keeps me in the darkness


What are the lies that destroy
Do I really want to know
It’s painful to discover
My own false beliefs


It takes courage to seek God
Not knowing what you will find
Can I believe He is real
Loves me as a son


Such beauty among the young
Fresh, alive and full of love
Put your hand on the children
Trouble lies ahead


We will focus on the joy
The promises and the friendship
Because there is certain hope
For those who believe


I won’t live in fear
God promised, “I’ll be with you
Never leave or forsake you”
Courage will follow
When your love is much larger
Than all the trouble around


I will set my mind
My heart and soul long for
The gift to live free
Focused on His greatest gift
His inexpressible love


I was asked to speak this week by Lael Caldwell who leads a “Round Table of Business Men and Women” on the topic of “How Do You Set Your MInd?” I chose to share this message with the Woodmont Hills family yesterday. If you would like a copy you can email me at terrysmith5@comcast.net and I will give you the address where you can order it.

Last night I sat with Charlotte at a “Sweetheart Banquet” and was served and entertained by a group of amazing young people. The above reflections come out of listening and responding to yesterday’s experience and the reading of the Psalms this morning. Psalm 9 and 39 along with meditating on John 15:1-17 was the focus this morning.


Setting my mind each day is absolutely the most important thing I do to take care of myself.


No One Can Fathom

July 6, 2013


History tells us

The things that we need to know

Am I listening


The wars, the innocent lives

The raw human suffering

With fear and trembling

But with confidence and hope

I will go with you leading


I will enter the soul wound

Having been wounded and scarred

Broken by ill-equipped ones

Loved in the middle


I’ll not lead with piety

I enter as a wounded soul

Aware of my own sorrows

Meeting in the pain


In my darkest grief

Losses inexpressible

The darkest room in my heart

A gentle light came

A pinhole of light to give hope

There was joy to be found


The God I know forgives me

He came to me in darkness

Showed me what a child is worth

Opened me to love


Every soul I meet

Help me never to label

Or eliminate

Each person has a story

Each one is beloved by God


I’ll not live in fear

I will go with the light of love

With courage to act

With the power of presence

Staying close with compassion


I’ll be wise as a serpent

Gentle dove as my model

Courageous as a lion

Move forward ln light


The wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace will be our guide.  With the Spirit of sonship we will go where we are led.  His promises held high we go forward to meet the prisoners with a message of healing, hope and forgiveness.  As Moses led the way for the slaves in Egypt,  Jesus calls us to join him in bringing the light of life to those trapped in darkness.


Isaiah 9:6; Zecheraiah 9:9; Romans 8: 15-16; Exodus 3:5

give up control

November 10, 2009

Courage is what I seek
To act in a timely way
I will face my fears today
I rise and confront
The living lies that rob me
Of the great joy of living
My beliefs are hidden deep
That arise when I am stressed
They will steal my peace of mind
If I let them rule
I will learn to play
To laugh and sing a new song
And give up control
The most difficult process
Hidden in the human heart
To see myself as I am
Takes courage and love
© Terry S. Smith
written November 10, 2009