A Christmas Gift

December 24, 2014

I’ve received a gift
It’s the divine grace of faith
I offer myself
My mind will be your workshop
My heart will be your playground


My soul flourishes
I will be God’s workmanship
His poetry in this world
Living with a fire
Accessing this deep friendship
Gift available to all


Please form Christ in me
I will be engaged in truth
Feelings will not deter me
I accept your love


Christmas Truth


The littlest child
Hidden in a manger still
I sing “Silent Night”


The light of the world
Coming down to bring real joy
Unending love given all
Who will believe it
Historically certain
It is verifiable


Please consider this story
Don’t take others word for it
Religious or atheist
You can decide this


Consider all things
Get all the information
Respect your judgment
Listen to your broken heart
Listen to the heart of God


I’m given a mind
A heart, soul and a body
Time to consider
What is true – what is not true
I have chosen to believe


The littlest child
Hidden in a manger
Was the Son of God
I am alive to live it
I am free to share the joy


Death has no power
I have chosen where to stand
A resurrection
Has taken place in my soul
Both now and forever more


Receive Divine Love

December 13, 2011

Suffering does have a purpose
Though it hurts beyond words
When you are falsely accused
And you choose to love

Forgiveness – a choice I make
A painful process I know
Son of Man and Son of God
One who shows me how

He endured the pain
All the rejection and shame
Physical, emotional
The loss of all family
Left alone to die for me

The question of faith
Each must give their own answer
I know the story
I’m reminded this season
When I sing “O Holy Night”

I fall on my knees
His story touches my soul
Takes me to the heart of God
Embraces the pain
Gives me the power to love
And forgive those who wronged me

You hear the invitation
To come and rest in His peace
To drink the living water
Receive Divine Love

I seek the silence
When I am quiet I hear
The quiet whisper
Of a love larger than me
Embracing my soul with joy

© Terry S. Smith
December 9, 2011
Inspired by the song “O Holy Night”, sung by David Phelps, (sent to me by Jerry Dantone, a high school friend), and reflections from the first letter Peter wrote in the New Testament. 


January 10, 2011

I will not let fear rob me
Of the joy of God’s presence
Because He is faithful
He will not abandon me
Be still and listen
Go, spend time alone with God
He will come and teach
He meets you with compassion
Will give you the gift of faith
I cried in desperation
Looking for a place of peace
I found Him waiting
It’s a mystery
I proclaim with all my heart
A love that has endured
For all generations
The revelation of truth
He knows you by name
It is written on His hands
Just look at His son
He understands where you are
“Do not be afraid” – Believe
© Terry S. Smith
January 5, 2011
Morning reflections after practicing the mystery of His presence and meditating on Psalm 16.