My Biggest Challenge

February 20, 2015


I’ll live with the scars
Of all my past failures
I won’t forget them
They have been my hard teachers
My joy is that mercy reigns


I found the biggest challenge
Is to learn to forgive me
When others cannot forgive
The wrong I have done


I cannot please men
Measure up to my own rules
I found a friend in Jesus
Looks at me with compassion
Gives what I do not deserve


This relationship
I can’t explain to others
It’s a mysterious love
From another world
Love broke through a story
Real man in real time – real love


I have fallen many times
Failed to trust, done it my way
Suffered consequences
Felt the despair


He is the one I trust
No other one can bear it
My soul’s deepest pain
When I am alone I know
My Father’s hand is on me


I arise with His power
Renewed by Eternal love
Accept forgiveness given
Live today in peace


Reflections of the morning as the birds sing behind me in the bitter cold.

When I read this “Haiku” to Charlotte she said “You make yourself sound like you were pretty bad.” I said, “I know that I have hurt people. I don’t remember ever intentionally hurting anyone. But looking back I see I have. I just take responsibility for my part in that hurt and I am very greatful for the kind forgiveness I have received from God and those I have offended.”

One Response to “My Biggest Challenge”

  1. Norma said

    good one Terry see you soon 🙂 >

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