There is a dark night
That comes to each of us
Engages the soul
No one likes to feel helpless
Who would dare choose the darkness
Life is on the other side
That’s what I was told
That’s what I found to be true
It is a part of the journey
We’re all pushed to the limit
Desperation is the word
Time to listen carefully
To heart, soul, and mind
I’ll choose good people
Who will give me room to think
Believe I can make it
Who have tasted the darkness
And understand the process
I will ask for help
From those whose lives speak to me
Who have found joy
© Terry S. Smith
First posted February 2, 2010

A Love Without End

April 26, 2011

What I delight in
Will help you know who I am
Watch closely and you will see
We’re like a mirror
A man’s face reflects his soul
Man’s actions tells the real truth
The two together
When they are walking as one
When their aim is love
Like a fresh drink of water
Will delight a thirsty soul
No one can deny
My life is muddied sometimes
My soul needs cleansing
I come confessing my sins
God’s always glad to see me
A daily cleansing
I do not take for granted
A love without end
Engaging head, heart and soul
A discipline I have found
I found gentleness given
By faith I receive this love
A presence that’s mystical
A certainty found
In solitude I have found
Three things I’ve experienced
After fifty years I write
Of life, love and hope
Silence has taught me
To watch for the sacred path
Rekindle the fire within
To speak words of life
Psalm one nineteen calls
To look closely within me
To see what brings me delight
Realigns my soul
It calls me to turn and see 
To think about what matters
The discipline of quiet
My daily invitation
To stop the noise and listen
To the voice of love
This I must practice
I do it because I must
To learn how to love my life
In all my weakness
To see others with mercy
To give as I’ve been given
© Terry S. Smith
April 26, 2011
Meditations written while reading Psalm 119:32-111.


April 23, 2011

To read the true story this poem is based on click here.


Mary and Martha

Their hope did not come

When they wanted Him to come

They were grieving and broken


Jesus disappointed them

He did not come when they called

He did come with a surprise

With power and love


He came to them right on time

To teach them new things of God

They knew He was their good friend

They knew He was God


“Your brother will rise to life”

His presence revealed this truth

He wept when He saw Mary

He knew her name well


Yes, He knows your name

He also weeps for you now

He knows your story and your grief

He is here for you


He asked for Mary

She heard Martha whispering

“The teacher is calling you”

To come and see Him


He is calling you

Do you hear His whispering

His voice can be heard

Use both heart and mind

And focus on His story


Dedicated to our special family friend Michelle.

First posted on my daughter Sara’s blog “A Spacious Place”.   

past wounds

April 9, 2011


Sue was my girlfriend

From the ninth grade to college

She was a princess


She lived in a huge mansion

Her chauffeur drove her to school

In her blue convertible

His name was “Shorty”


Life looked good on the outside

Sue was the oldest of five

Her father I rarely saw

Her mother stayed near


She was beautiful

But her world was sad as mine

Although hers appeared the best

Money hid the tragedy

It hid all of the emptiness

Suicide was the result


I thought we lived in two worlds

But later I saw the truth

We came from the same sad world

Relationships dark


We met in our woundedness

She was very kind to me

Our hearts were breaking with grief

With no words to speak


At eighteen we parted ways

Trying to hang on to love

She went to the Ivy League

I went to Ole Miss


Our letters were sweet

Our voices became distant

We could not sustain our love

It was not enough


My life fell apart

Despair became a doorway

Sue’s dad died by his own hand

We were both empty

My search led me to seek life

Her search led her to despair


Her depression led to her death

Sadness and grief crushed us all

Money could not fix the pain

Our hearts were broken

©Terry S. Smith   First posted February 20, 2010
 In memory of Sue, who died by suicide at age twenty-six.

The Hidden Treasure

April 8, 2011

In times of trouble
You have always heard my cry
You, O Lord, keep me safe
Looking back I see
The unseen love pursuing
Now seen and experienced
Looking back I see
Faces of those who loved me
And touched me with compassion
Her tender voice calls
Her gentleness and kindness
Holding me safely
In her arms with greatest joy
Childhood memory that runs deep
Her name is Ina Roseberry
The love in her eyes
Seeing me with compassion
Giving me courage
To hold onto the vision
Of the unspeakable joy
Her name is Sherrill Lynn “Mama Sherrill”
You gave me my heart’s desire
You have satisfied my soul
I hunger for righteousness
I will see your face
A promise given
The future is in the now
Your unseen presence
Unspeakable joy
My eyes are open to love
In silence I hear
Knowledge invites me to look
Faith provides the lens to see
© Terry S. Smith
April 5, 2011
Reflections written after reading Psalms 16-20 and Proverbs 4.

Joy is Discovered

April 3, 2011


It has been my experience

And I’ve heard thousands whisper

Their deepest desperate hurts —

Light appears in the dark


I met love at the bottom

This is a strange paradox

Going down led me upward

A treasure found


Life’s pain is like a furnace

The soul is refined by fire

Hope is born in the process

Joy is discovered


Why do some understand

And other’s don’t seem to see

I think I have a clue


Please consider this

Choose to see that you are great

A joy to behold

© Terry S. Smith
First posted July 23, 2009