70th Birthday

July 9, 2012


Who is this God, my Father

He is mighty in power

No limit to His insight

His understanding


He heals the brokenhearted

And He binds up the wounded

He knows the number of stars

Each of them by name


Listening and gentleness

Understanding your story

Then focusing on God’s story

You’ll find peace and hope


Come out of the pit

Open my eyes to what’s true

The unfailing love of God

Will be my delight

It’s where I place my hope

Lead me to those who are seeking


Each person is free to decide

But He will sustain the humble

I have chosen to listen

Focus on true love


I need wisdom & insight

I seek it with all my heart

I’ll define myself

By the one who gives me life

Who demonstrated His love


No time for my tears

September 18, 2011


There was no time for my tears

At seven years old life changed

Relationships were shattered

Love bonds were broken


No one would explain

I guess no one had the words

Each lost in their own pain


Angels attended

There was comfort in silence

An unseen presence


Many hours to wonder

To feel the deep grief alone

To discover a secret

A love deep within my soul

And a hunger to know more


As I grew older

My desire to understand

Grew exponentially

A desire to know

What is this unseen presence

I was hungry to know more


Gladness and joy came

In the searching I could see

Love pursuing me


Sorrow and sighing

Experienced deep comfort

From the unseen God


© Terry S. Smith

September 18, 2011

Written after reading Isaiah 50 & 51 and recalling memories from my life story.


Embrace Love

September 5, 2011

I love you – for you hear me
When I cried out “forgive me”
You turned and listened to me
Awakening came

I’ll not die but live
I will tell all you have done
Shouts of joy and victory
Will come from my lips
I’ll love from the inside out
Let my heart embrace the truth

What my mind cannot conceive
My heart will fully embrace
Love that’s been demonstrated
With great compassion

© Terry S. Smith
Meditations written after reading Psalm 116-118.

Each Breath a Gift

August 20, 2011

Faithful in the little things
Integrity is a must
Humility and wisdom
In response to love
I have no power
I cannot secure my life
I came from the dust
Each breath I take is a gift
The love I receive treasured
My heart beats with joy untold
An unfailing love
There is no trouble
No death or desperation
Christ has not dealt with
Knowledge is the key
Faith opens the lock to joy
Practice His Presence
Perseverance will secure
Obedience to the love
He will rescue you
From fear and anxiety
This is a promise He gave
A clear decision
That I get to make each day
I come hungry to know Him
God delights in you
It’s beyond understanding
I know that it’s true
I have learned through practicing
Being a seeker of truth
I’ve tasted the fruit
Of seeking a righteous life
Although I have failed many times
Each time I have learned
The friendship only deepens
Forgiveness is the miracle
Compassion and gentleness
I discovered in silence
Focus on this teacher’s heart
Captured by His mind
Terry S. Smith
August 11, 2011
Meditation on Proverbs 11; Psalm 25; 17.

Beyond Comprehension

August 12, 2011

The earth is God’s footstool
The ocean held in a jar
The other hand holds the sand
His breath made the stars
Who can know the mind of God
Who has been His counselor
God declares real love
It’s hidden behind the false self
The ego builds illusions
That must be medicated
By the drivenness of lies
God is in our box
Our minds think we create him
Our ego declares it so
Who will decide it
Who’ll make the final judgment
A question to consider
We each trust someone
Since I will live with my choice
I will make the decision
Of whose thinking I will trust
A gift I have been given
His eyes are so intimate
They look at me with compassion
They search throughout the earth
Looking for seekers
You are a good case study
You’ve tuned into the message
Christ in you, hope of glory
You are his great joy
© Terry S. Smith
August 9, 2011
Reflections on Matthew 5:35; Psalm 139; Psalm 31-34; John 17; Psalm 19; Luke 15; Colossians 3; Exodus 20; Hebrews 11:6; Matthew 11:28.~


August 5, 2011

I wait in expectation
For you to draw near to me
Teach me what I need to know
To reflect your love
This greater joy comes
When I confront illusions
False idols I will call them
Born in childhood
They run deep and are toxic
Hidden in the secret place
Unconsciously in my soul
There is only one cure
A friend who loves me deeply
Who gives me bread for my soul
Only the Holy Spirit
Dismantles the lies
I am powerless
When I arise in the day
Controlled by a bitter way
I cry out for help
I found God to be faithful
Compassionate and giving
Terry S. Smith
August 1, 2011
Written after meditating on Psalm 1-5 and Proverbs 1.

Heard my Desperate Cry

July 24, 2011

I know you love me
You heard my desperate cry
My life has been changed
You gave a vision
There is hope in your story
For the wounded ones
Trouble and sorrow
I was born in that chaos
Light in the darkness
Illuminated a hope
I arose from the ashes
Compassion drew me
A gracious and tender life
Invited me to peace
Found a place to rest my soul
A mystery I have lived
My words will be few
(except on my blog)
My life will tell the story
The way I live speaks loudest
Actions speak truth
What I say and what I do
When aligned will bring joy
I know how to live
Love delivered me to joy
Death is defeated
Tears will no longer blind me
Desperation is in the past
I have made a vow
To live, love, and give myself
To being present
With people who are seeking
To define reality
Relationships are rich
Because I have been on this quest
Listening to my questions
Honestly searching
Always growing and learning
Solitude the secret
God is who He is
Silence raises awareness
Of a sacred space
God speaks loud in the quiet
Are you willing to listen
© Terry S. Smith
July 23, 2011
Written after meditating on Psalm 116.

A New Day

July 9, 2011

It’s your voice I want to hear
The noise in my head is great
The noise is desolation
Your’s consolation
I will choose your love
Your majesty above all
Your kindness calls me
To receive your forgiveness
And to forgive all others
Terry S. Smith
July 9, 2011
Written after reading Jesus Calling, Deuteronomy 30:20, Romans 12:12, Genesis 1:27.

Awakening to Love

July 4, 2011

My soul in the dust
Your words can revive me
Teach me your ways
Create in me a hunger
To know you and follow you
Let me grasp your real presence
Meditate on your wonder
My grief is overwhelming
I sit in despair
No one seems to care
An obstacle many face
Where are my friends
Is there anyone to see
The brokenness of my soul
I have found there’s only one
Who sees me and knows me well
A mysterious treasure
Let your love break through
Your law has become my joy
It reveals deliverance
It is sweet like the honey
On the honeycomb
Jesus fulfilled the law
Entered the depth of my pain
Made it possible to see
The heart of my God
He sends the Holy Spirit
To comfort in my weakness
Give power when I’m afraid
Renew the Father’s love
Hold me when I cannot move
Speak for me when I cannot speak
Secure me in my deepest place
Just be still, let go
A decision I can make
When I sit in unbelief
I can choose to believe him
One who chose to love
Remember the times
Meditate on his story
Consider his love
It is personal to you
Just come to him as you are
I’ll run to your commands
For they have set my heart free
“I bind myself to do your will”
I will choose your love
© Terry S. Smith
June 28, 2011
The line in quotations is from The Abbey Psalter of Psalm 119:25-32.
Written after meditating on Psalm 119.

Forever Love

June 29, 2011


“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good;

His love endures forever.”  

Psalm 118:1


His love endures forever

 Somethings always stay the same

 Let the children of God say

 His love is without end


 He’s the cornerstone

 A love that cannot be moved

 The rock in my soul

 Much stronger than my feelings

 His mercy I will build on


 God is at my side 

 In my distress I cried out

 I’ll not be afraid

 The Lord has been my helper

 I shall forgive all my foes


 God is my refuge

 I will not trust in princes 

 In the likes of men

 My enemy is within

 I was thrust down and falling


 The Lord is my strength and song

 He is my savior and friend

 He’ll not leave or forsake me

 His promise is true


 “I shall not die, I shall live”

 His right hand will raise me up

 I will recount all his deeds

 In my unbelief


 I am the work of the Lord

 I will be clay in his hands

 I will collapse in his arms

 And call him “Abba”


The Real Secret

June 5, 2011

I say to the Lord
Preserve me, you’re my refuge
It is you alone
Who will provide happiness
You’ve given marvelous love
God waited for me
To hit the bottom and come
I chose to surrender now
My judgment and pain
To the one who understands
Who became fully human
There’s no one but God
Who’ll show me the path of life
My heart rejoices
A decision based on hope
I arise from the ashes
The Lord gives counsel
He’s qualified to do that
At night he will direct me
I’ll keep him in sight
Even when I don’t feel him
Sometimes my feelings will lie
You’re my portion and my cup
You give me the living water
Your words make me your delight
I believe your word
I have found you are enough
You are the one who made me
And meets me with compassion
I need your mercy
You, Lord, are my lamp
God, you light up my darkness
You break through the barriers
Lord, you scale the wall
I accept you as my shield
I find my refuge in you
© Terry S. Smith
June 3, 2011
Meditations written after reading Psalm 13, 16-19 and the book “Safe Within Your Love”, by David Hazard.
Dedicated to my precious daughters, Sara, Melissa, Margaret, and Elizabeth.

Overcoming Pain

May 28, 2011


I live in a the world of real suffering.  People hurt one another.  Parents fail children.  Children fail parents. Husbands fail wives.  Wives fail husbands.  Friends fail friends.  How does one recover when one gets it in the neck?  We all experience massive losses.  The only choice I have is how I will respond to the false things in others and the false things in me.  


The following represents thoughts I have learned that have helped me get back up and never give up no matter what happens.  The one relationship I have come to trust is the relationship where love was made real by God.  God defined himself in His son who chose to become nothing, chose to die, and defeated death.  He invites us to come and find comfort from him when betrayal has marked our lives.  I commend these thoughts to my friends to take heart when in deep pain.  God is near to comfort, bless, and help you overcome your greatest losses. 

I will blame no one

A truth I have learned

It’s a waste of time

Generations fail

It’s the empty way I’m handed

No one will escape

The question is “What will I do?”

I’ll choose bitterness or life

I’ll not live in fear

It is a theif in the night

Comes unexpected

And I’m not ready to fight

Fear robs one of His presence

I’m the only one

Who decides how I’ll respond

With vengance or love

With judgment or with kindness

Judgment will belong to God

It is a relief

That someone knows all the truth

His mercy will reign

He knows just how you see it

He knows what you do not know

Moments when we are tested

There is always room to fail

God’s love will not shift on you

He is not like us

I will give mercy

To my greatest enemy

As God gave mercy to me

I will give away

It is who I want to be

His Spirit will give me love


© Terry S. Smith
May 27, 2011 

The Unseen Gift

May 2, 2011

Help me understand
What it means to fear God
To have a knowledge of God
Do not be afraid
His gentleness and kindness
Will teach you to stand in awe
His Divine Power
Will provide all of your needs
Magnificent promises
Will restore your joy
You will escape corruption
Your life will be filled with hope
The Lord gives wisdom
You will hunger for knowledge
Your faith will increase
Self-control will mark your life
Forgiveness and love controls
What is right and just
Faithfulness and loyalty
Integrity above all
Lived with compassion
It’s speaking the truth in love
This takes practice and training
I do just one thing
As I rise in the morning
I seek to listen
To the voice that brings me joy
Twenty-four seven He loves
Understanding guards my life
I’ve discovered the secret
This secret found me seeking
I’m never alone
It’s an unseen gift
By faith I have discovered
A love without end
Faith, goodness, knowledge
Practicing what I have learned
Has given me hope
I will persevere and train
And I will never give up
No one can deny
When they’ve experienced love
It changes the way I look
At myself and at the world
©Terry S. Smith
Meditations written after reading Proverbs 2, Psalm 121,
There is a dark night
That comes to each of us
Engages the soul
No one likes to feel helpless
Who would dare choose the darkness
Life is on the other side
That’s what I was told
That’s what I found to be true
It is a part of the journey
We’re all pushed to the limit
Desperation is the word
Time to listen carefully
To heart, soul, and mind
I’ll choose good people
Who will give me room to think
Believe I can make it
Who have tasted the darkness
And understand the process
I will ask for help
From those whose lives speak to me
Who have found joy
© Terry S. Smith
First posted February 2, 2010

A Love Without End

April 26, 2011

What I delight in
Will help you know who I am
Watch closely and you will see
We’re like a mirror
A man’s face reflects his soul
Man’s actions tells the real truth
The two together
When they are walking as one
When their aim is love
Like a fresh drink of water
Will delight a thirsty soul
No one can deny
My life is muddied sometimes
My soul needs cleansing
I come confessing my sins
God’s always glad to see me
A daily cleansing
I do not take for granted
A love without end
Engaging head, heart and soul
A discipline I have found
I found gentleness given
By faith I receive this love
A presence that’s mystical
A certainty found
In solitude I have found
Three things I’ve experienced
After fifty years I write
Of life, love and hope
Silence has taught me
To watch for the sacred path
Rekindle the fire within
To speak words of life
Psalm one nineteen calls
To look closely within me
To see what brings me delight
Realigns my soul
It calls me to turn and see 
To think about what matters
The discipline of quiet
My daily invitation
To stop the noise and listen
To the voice of love
This I must practice
I do it because I must
To learn how to love my life
In all my weakness
To see others with mercy
To give as I’ve been given
© Terry S. Smith
April 26, 2011
Meditations written while reading Psalm 119:32-111.