soul’s desire

June 4, 2009


What matters to me
As I look back and ahead
Is to give my love
I have been loved well
Since I choose to search for life
Emptiness fired the kindling
Of my soul’s desire
Love is what I longed to know
Can love be real and lasting?
This mystery hidden well
The answer is “yes”
Some secrets in me
Are like fire illuminating
Certain hope and peace
A joy longing to be shared
A passion rooted in love
I tested this love
I began with intention
To know what is real
I listened to my questions
Out of my desperation
In me was a voice
I heard riveting my soul
Find out what is real
At sixty-six I can speak
Not just coming from a dream
But having found this great love
I long to share it
Joy beyond human words
Secrets longing to be told
Sacred to the soul
written January 14, 2009


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