an examined life

July 6, 2009


I awake with a vision

Of who I will be today

I see the vision then go

Into the valley


It is a valley of tears

Of my own and the others

But with the tears there’s laughter

With vision there’s joy


Some think love is a feeling

Certainly it is a part

A flower brings a feeling

But the roots give life


The vision must be rooted

Like the roses of sharon

I found my roots in searching

For what is the truth


I found a person

Whose thinking I have trusted

He is my teacher


An examined life

I discovered a wonder

Of pain and surprise

Of pain because of evil

Of love rooted in a joy


Why do so few find this joy

Where are the people seeking

What really matters the most

There you’ll find freedom


Having the question matters

How can I love and be loved

Seeing life through love’s lenses

This has been my quest


You must want to know

With all of your heart and soul

What is the real truth


Answers will come, I promise

Take responsibility

For what it is that you believe

What you hold sacred


Today’s a good day

It depends on how you think

Not the circumstance

 written July 6, 2009 


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