Your beauty

July 16, 2009

Your story is wonderful
Your familiarity
Blinds you to your own beauty
You must look closer
It takes a paradigm shift
A change of lenses to see
Pain as being a part of
Beauty in your life
It is in the silent night
There is a whisper of love
Heard only in the stillness
A quiet thunder
The chaos was a great gift
Looking back I clearly see
The pain caused me to search out
Love searching for me
© Terry S. Smith
August 29, 2008

One Response to “Your beauty”

  1. Thank You , I love that we share the experiences that have taught us,when the clouds gather on the horizon heading our way, we realize in the midst of seemingly impending chaos, will be JESUS with a lesson or an answer to something we’ve prayed.
    GOD BLESS you

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