look deeply

August 29, 2009

All of my heroes
Failed to give me any hope
At nineteen I fell
Feeling there was no escape
Empty and broken I cried
In me was a voice
I heard riveting my soul
Find out what is real
No easy answers
Honesty and my passion
To search and to find
What really matters for life
Decided to never give up
Find just a few good people
Honestly searching for life
Develop criteria
To test what is true
You’ll need your mind, heart, and soul
Engaged in the process
Examine your resources
You must look deeply
I have a criteria
To determine what is true
Ask and I’ll tell you
© Terry S. Smith
written January 14, 2009

2 Responses to “look deeply”

  1. Keri Thompson said

    So many have spoken to me that I have read so far. This one especially. Thank you. So I’m asking you. Yes I know again. Yes I know I should know by now. I ask anyway.

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