June 13, 2010

Children need their space
Room to make their own mistakes
Where it’s safe to fail
Letting go is hard
You’ll need wisdom and power
A daily practice
Let go of the reigns slowly
But you must learn to let go
You’ll decide if you believe
That God is loving
Your message must be 
I believe in you today
My love will always be there
You have room to fail
You don’t have to be perfect
I will love you regardless
Remember the daily practice
God is eager to teach you
He will come if you will ask
Do you believe this
Peace will come from God
It is not the children’s job
To give that to you each day
That you must discern
Set your boundaries clearly
Then trust God and laugh a lot
© Terry S. Smith
June 13, 2010
Written after meditating on Psalm 61-65, and Proverbs 13 & 24.  A blessing for the parents whose children are graduating into the adventurous world of the teenage years.

2 Responses to “Space”

  1. slpmartin said

    What wonderful advice and guidance provided in your poem…a wonderful message.

    • Terry Sanford Smith said

      It is such a pleasant surprise to get encouraging feedback. We are kindred spirits. Thank you!

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