Thankful with all my heart

November 25, 2010


What I seek with all my heart

Is what will control my life

I will decide what that is

What matters most


Relationship wins

What do I hide in my heart

Be aware of this

Secrets will rule under stress

The light of life brings healing


I will hide your words

At the center of my life

They are words of love and hope

Demonstrated well

By one compassionate life

Full of grace and forgiveness


No one can compare

I’ll meditate on what’s true

It is hidden to be found

Only those wanting

To find out the real thing

Will recognize God’s presence


I’ll open my eyes

Look carefully at what’s true

Decide to follow


A simple life speaks

His words are my treasured gifts

They breathe life in me


I memorize them

They are written on my heart

Unleash imaginations

Reveal the real world

When I examine His life

My soul rises to the joy


His teaching practiced

Has given me wings of joy

Soaring over circumstance

Of daily drama

Given by generations

Handed down through the darkness


A fish out of water

A bird put under water

Will soon die quickly


Water for the fish

Open air is for the birds

God’s word is for man


When out of their element

All will have trouble breathing

And will surely die


I have learned the joy

When I practice His teaching

I am captured by His love

I’m close to His heart

He came to me in despair

His story delights my soul

I run in my heart

My body is breaking down

My life is renewed

Internally I seek Him

The morning brings me great joy


His guidelines are giving life

In trust I seek to obey

I discover mystery

When I act on truth


I experience my God

As my friend and companion

When I let his words run deep

Meditate and act


An intimate connection

Takes place in the human soul

When I accept forgiveness

From my Creator


I love His guidelines

They have taken the load off

Today I run after them

They’ve set my heart free

To live in a present joy

© Terry S. Smith

November 25, 2010


Reflections written after meditating on parts of Psalm 119.  To live in joy one must train on all three levels of personality – head, heart, and gut.

The body is a beautiful instrument of God, and we must practice the fundamental guidelines to discover the sound of joy that lives in the soul.

Because He loved me on the dark side of my soul, I am compelled by His love to seek to practice obeying and living in His presence each day.


2 Responses to “Thankful with all my heart”

  1. Terry … I like your poetry. Really inspiring. I have recently begun to dabble in poetry myself. I look forward to reading some more.
    Scott Johnson

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