God – shape my life

January 26, 2011

Most of these words are from “The Message”  because they describe the direction my mind, heart and soul are choosing today.  I choose to not trust my feelings for they deceive me under great stress.  Reflections come from meditating on Psalms 119:47-64.  Click here to read Psalm 119.
Let your love, God, shape my life
Exactly as you promised
Don’t deprive me of your truth
Speak and I will act

I’ll guard with my life
What you have revealed to me
Guard it now and forever
I will move freely
In the wide open spaces
Looking for truth and wisdom

I’ll tell the world what I find
I’ll speak out in the public
Speak boldly, unembarrassed
I’ll cherish your words

I will relish your counsel
I’ll remember what you said
Hang onto your words for dear life
Your words renew me

These words hold me in bad times
I am rejuvenated
By all your promises
Though people failed me

I’ve sinned against you
Lost my temper, acted out
I feel justified
Until I consider you
I am overwhelmed with grief

I have come to be restored
Your Revelation of love
Is much greater than my shame
Help me to believe

Help me on this pilgrim way
I come to you in silence
Your story delivers me
From my own judgment

I will pursue righteousness
Let your forgiveness rule me
Accept your gentle presence
Give as I’m given

Be gracious as you promised
Give me the gift of true faith
I am weak and so blinded
In my woundedness

I got my feet back
On this trail you have blazed
Your love rekindled the fire
And directs my path
I surrender to your love
May your Spirit give me words

I arise at night
To thank you for your kindness
For your patient love

You are all I need
With all my heart I trust that
Deliver me from all lies
Your Revelation calls me
To practice your Divine Love


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