Born in Desperation

May 22, 2011

In the morning I seek you

To proclaim love in the day

Aware of you in the night

Your deeds make me glad


I’m the broken one

Captured by amazing love

Each morning I rise


Your deep design calls

The Lord’s prayer is my path

With all the answers

Embodied in a few words

Open my eyes to see you


You sit high above

But you found me the lowest

Broken and ashamed

Needing your gentle presence

Through faith I see you near me


God’s love language is foreign

Under stress we forget it

A mystery that’s hidden

Wanting to be seen


Only by prayer

That’s born in desperation

Then we’re ready to listen

To gentle promptings

He will lead us to what next

By simple obedience


I’ll look in triumph

Over my internal foes

When I surrender my will

My leaf will be green

I’ll flourish like a palm tree

Bearing fruit even when old


This mystery can be found

In solitude and silence

Being obedient to love 

With no expectations


© Terry S. Smith, May 21, 2011

Meditations written after reading Psalm 92.

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