No time for my tears

September 18, 2011


There was no time for my tears

At seven years old life changed

Relationships were shattered

Love bonds were broken


No one would explain

I guess no one had the words

Each lost in their own pain


Angels attended

There was comfort in silence

An unseen presence


Many hours to wonder

To feel the deep grief alone

To discover a secret

A love deep within my soul

And a hunger to know more


As I grew older

My desire to understand

Grew exponentially

A desire to know

What is this unseen presence

I was hungry to know more


Gladness and joy came

In the searching I could see

Love pursuing me


Sorrow and sighing

Experienced deep comfort

From the unseen God


© Terry S. Smith

September 18, 2011

Written after reading Isaiah 50 & 51 and recalling memories from my life story.


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