Mercy Running

November 30, 2011

In my brokenness I came
To my Father’s house for help
He ran to meet me with love
A ring and a robe
I thought I knew him
My perception was all wrong
The lens through which I saw him
Were convoluted
Help me see the Father’s heart
The joy and love He gave me
In my brokenness and shame
Mercy came running
I awaken to a joy
My mind has been trained to see
My heart accepts it as true
I practice belief
My feelings deny
The impossibility
Of this kind of compassion
But my heart is drawn
When I study the story
I am captured by his love
Through the years I know
I have found no other place
In quiet he arrives
With gentleness and comfort
With peace and a certain hope
I’ve no right to judge
Each person has a story
Our Father knows it
He gave us all of his love
Through the life of Jesus Christ
This message I love
He found me when desperate
Alone and afraid
With no one to understand
A boy broken and wounded
Through the years I have practiced
I’ve taken him at his word
Through failure after failure
Renewed with courage
I have found I can arise
Be renewed each day I live
Command the joy of his love
Because it is the truth
© Terry S. Smith
November 20, 2011
Meditations from Dr. Luke’s story of the broken boy who came home, surprised by joy.  Luke 15 

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