Christmas Conversation

December 22, 2014

I rise to see you

To come into your presence

Through faith I see love


I am not a fool

The one who made the eye can see

The one who made the ear can hear

The beauty of life

The masterful creation

Speaks to the honest human


Honest questions discovered

As one experiences life

Leads to a surprising joy

Of human greatness


Taste and see the Lord is good

He will not “should” on your life

You’re responsible to seek

Search out what is true


Most people react

Don’t look at the obvious

Look past the problem

Understand yourself and God

I discovered real friendship


When you’re seventy

It is time to speak and say

Truth I have learned to live by

Brokenness and peace

The freedom of forgiveness

Joy that surpasses knowledge


This painful process

I have sought to know what is true

Many failures and loses

Have taught me to listen well

In suffering I find found peace


I have hurt many

I have been failed by many

There is one who has not failed

His love forgives me

And I forgive the others

Who I hope can forgive me


My failures and yours

Will not stop me from loving

For I can give what’s given

Love the unlovely

That is in me and in you

It’s the work of God’s Spirit


So when Christmas comes

It’s time to begin again

Remembering the Advent

Love Demonstrated

One human who made it clear

How to bring peace on this earth


Reflections inspired by Psalm 20 and 50. May God’s peace be in you that sits above the circumstances. May the joy of Christ’s Presence fill you today.

Dedicated to Steve Brumfield 

One Response to “Christmas Conversation”

  1. Betty Matthews said

    So meaningful! Thank you for sending this. You and Charlotte are both such a blessing to know.

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