Anguish Healed

January 25, 2015


Overwhelmed with anguish
The pain and loss is so great
Does anyone understand
The devastation


No friends to comfort
Loses of my dear love ones
Where is God who cares
Why is this happening now
Can anyone answer me


The cry in the human soul
There are no easy answers
God promises to confide
In those who fear Him


I cannot fathom
A God who lets this happen
Suffering and grief
What is it I am missing
Do I really want to know


Truth hurts and it heals
The tragedy in my soul
Comes down to two things
I must face the truth about me
I must face the truth about God


“Fear” does not mean “Be afraid”
It means I must face greatness
Of the love of God revealed
To my shattered soul


The consequences
Of the choices I have made
I am destitute
The poverty in my soul
Is hidden from all to see


The confusion inside me
With the unanswered questions
Were cleared up when I focused
On the love of God


He promised to never leave
To meet me in my anguish
To forgive me of my wrongs
To renew and restore


I will trust in Him
Gives victory over death
Carries my burdens


Insight only comes
After one chooses to trust
The Giver of life


May you be blessed by the Lord
Maker of heaven and earth
One who understands your need
Gave all to forgive


These reflections will be enhanced by reading Psalm 25, 55, 85, 115 and 145. Sarah Young, an amazing therapist and teacher, offers insight to the anguished soul in her book “Jesus Calling.” 

One Response to “Anguish Healed”

  1. Carol Woods said

    Wow, exactly what I needed to hear this morning! Praise God for giving this to you and thank you for sharing with me.

    Love you C

    Sent from my iPhone


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