Can I Believe Your Delight

February 2, 2015


Can I believe you
That you take delight in me
It is so foreign
To the way I think of you
The God of the Universe


The tragedies of this world
Overwhelming suffering
Injustice screaming so loud
Where can I find you


The greatest surprise
When I focused on one man
One who claimed to be with you
Says he looks like you
Maker of the Universe
Calls himself the Son of Man


Filled with compassion
Touched the woman at the well
Offered her living water
Surprised with kindness
He knew her story so well
It changed the way she saw God


A song of hope comes
The pinhole of light comes through
I feel the tension
I choose to take the long view
His promises restore me


You light up my mind
When I focus on your love
Your presence comforts my soul
Your word restores me
Though circumstances fail
My feelings deny your care


You delight in me
I choose to trust in your words
You delight in me


Meditation on the Psalms each morning opens me up to a way to process the reality of life. The ups and downs of human behavior, my own and others is exposed. God enters in the noise of my soul and gives me a focus. In desperation I cry out and God comes in the stillness to comfort the human heart and gives a certain hope. I am surprised by His delight. Psalm 2, 32, 62, 92 and 122 give the long view.

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