wellspring of hope

July 2, 2009

I need a fresh drink
Each morning when I arise
Of eternal hope
In the night I am refreshed
With sleep and new beginning
There is an inner wellspring
I’ve learned to draw on
I find the hard work
Is to quieten my soul
And listen for truth
I must get outside of myself
And test the things that I hear
Be open to new learning
To challenge the fear
I have found a place to go
That is restful and certain
It is something I can’t give
Only point the way
My loving is not enough
It will fail at its best
But I will never give up
Seeking to improve
There is someone who loves me
I have learned “no matter what”
It’s not based on my feelings
They tend to deceive
When those I love are hurting
I feel helpless and so grieved
I have no way to fix it
I pray love comes soon
My eyes begin the searching
Looking for ways to survive
I finally found one thing
That gives me real hope.
written June 14, 2009

One Response to “wellspring of hope”

  1. Cindy said

    I love this line: “It’s not based on my feelings
    They tend to deceive” How many times have I had to repeat words like those, deciding against all evidence to the contrary that I would believe God and not the Accuser when it came to my worth. Why are we so susceptible to the ups and downs of emotion? I want to live every day with a constant sense of God’s love for me. I know where my ship will be when the storm is over, but it’s those awful crashing waves in the meantime that really get to me. The good thing is that the more storms I weather, the more certain is my sense that peace will eventually return. And the more certain I am that my ship will look far different than before the squall.

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